How to choose a coat for the summer according to the type of figure, style, quality of fabric, manufacturer and cost

From jacquard, silk or lace, a summer coat in the style of Chanel or any other - it is always thin outerwear. Some of the models and styles can be worn even on a hot day, and with the changeability of the summer season, no women's wardrobe can do without this element. Classic elegant style or creative boho, sport chic or oversize - designers produce styles for every taste.

What is a summer coat

This is an outerwear designed for the warm season. People call him differently, from a “bathrobe” to an “anther”. The main differences: it is sewn from light fabrics, bright colors or light shades (for example, beige, pink or white), without lining. Thanks to the fabrics, the clothes do not look tight, because the image with it retains airiness.

Shapes and models

Designers prefer to use a more feminine cut for this outerwear, although there are direct models. The main styles and models:

  • boho style;
  • without a collar - in the style of a chanel, straight, to the knees, with a round neckline and sleeves three quarters;
  • with a collar;
  • with a hood;
  • with a smell - "bathrobe" or "kimono";
  • on one button - elongated jackets (or vests - if the coat is sleeveless);
  • oversize - volumetric style.

The density of the thing and its appearance depend on the fabric. Classification of coats by the materials from which they are made:

  • Jacquard coat;
  • from knitwear;
  • from jeans - thin models look like denim men's shirts;
  • from cotton and linen - the lightest fabrics;
  • from wool or boucle - the most dense;
  • from lace - look best with dresses;
  • mohair;
  • from silk;
  • leather or suede.

What to wear

This type of clothing is demanding on accessories. Heeled shoes are required in most cases. The basic rules for wearing thin coats:

  • silk combine with blouses;
  • choose knitted coats that keep their shape so that they do not look like sweaters;
  • wear striped coats with plain clothing;
  • wear voluminous styles with skinny jeans;
  • pick dresses of the same style as the coat;
  • choose blouses and sweaters for coats on one button;
  • wear t-shirts or T-shirts under short-sleeved outerwear;
  • under dense fabrics, wear only closed shoes.

Fashionable light coat

Classics are relevant at all times, but fashion imposes its own rules, especially when the words promotion, discount and sale are lit with bright light. As for summer outerwear, from the variety of styles and models you can choose both classics and the most fashionable things. Choose outerwear not only in appearance and price, but also in where and when you are going to wear it.

Jacquard coat

Summer outerwear made of this material is too dense for very hot days. On cool days, it, on the contrary, protects from the wind and helps create a stylish look:

  • Title: 1001 DRESS
  • Price: 1976 rubles.
  • Features: without a hood, with a yellow geometric pattern.
  • Pros: straight cut looks good on any figure.
  • Cons: very warm for heat.

Jacquard items keep their shape well and look reserved. For example, such outerwear can be worn to work:

  • Title: Lianna
  • Cost: 5477 p.
  • Characteristics: trapezoidal, sunny, with a light ornament. Without a cutout.
  • Pros: nice looking shade.
  • Cons: focuses on the disadvantages of plus-size girls.

Linen coat

Products made from natural fabrics, such as linen, are best suited for summer because they are light and not hot in them. Looking airy, they are perfect for a summer look.

  • Title: LaRedoute
  • Price: 5559 p.
  • Characteristic: jacket in pink and beige, closed, with a round neckline, not fitted.
  • Pros: the most popular style of this year.
  • Cons: more suitable for street style, not for evening outings.

On cool days, take a linen thin coat with you in case of severe cooling. In hotter - wear as the main element over thin sleeveless blouses.

  • Title: Voltry.
  • Cost: 5301 p.
  • Features: light gray with a turn-down collar. Loose silhouette.
  • Pros: emphasizes the bends of the figure, soft, comfortable.
  • Cons: visually looks like a jacket or cardigan.

Felted wool

Felted wool products retain heat well. Leave this outerwear on the coldest summer days.

  • Title: LaRedoute
  • Price: 6839 p.
  • Features: dark blue, with a collar. It is clasped on metal buttons.
  • Pros: made of natural fabric.
  • Cons: the dark color of the product, looks like an autumn or demi-season coat.

Manufacturers often produce felted wool not for the summer, but for the demi-season. This is practical - a woolen coat comes in handy on a cool September morning.

  • Title: CherNika
  • Cost: 4650 p.
  • Feature: coat in the style of boho. Dark blue with light accents. It is clasped on buttons.
  • Pros: unusual design.
  • Cons: Only combined with things in the street style.

From lace

The most romantic and feminine looks are created with things from lace. For the summer, this is especially true, because in this hot season like never before you want lightness.

  • Title: GanniLarkin
  • Price: 7317 r.
  • Feature: Lace Kimono Jacket. Black, without fastener, with wide long sleeves.
  • Pros: lightweight material.
  • Cons: not suitable for cold days.

However, on cool days, lace can come in handy. Choose a coat with lace inserts to protect yourself from the cold, but at the same time look airy.

  • Title: Stilla
  • Cost: 4951 p.
  • Characteristic: straight cut, with a zipper. Light gray in the warm spring-summer season.
  • Pros: keeps fit, elegant.
  • Cons: too warm for hot days.

Made of cotton

Cotton and linen items are good for summer due to their naturalness. But cotton is warmer and more comfortable.

  • Title: VictoriaKuksina
  • Price: 14 000 r.
  • Characteristic: fitted, with buttons. To the knees. Colors: yellow / green.
  • Pros: emphasizes the silhouette.
  • Cons: shiny fabric.

Take a look at the demi-season products. Then the coat will serve you not only in the summer, but also in late spring or early fall.

  • Title: Open-Fashion
  • Cost: 6000 r.
  • Characteristics: demi-season outerwear. Loose silhouette. With a round neckline.
  • Pros: hides figure flaws.
  • Cons: too tight.


Natural silk has the advantages of all natural fabrics: lightness and breathability. In addition, this fabric looks expensive and noble.

  • Brand Name: SweetMiss
  • Price: 3290 r.
  • Characteristic: outerwear with a fastener on a lightning.
  • Pros: elegant, beautiful shades.
  • Cons: artificial silk.

In summer, silk gives coolness. To make it look profitable, you need to be able to combine it with other things.

  • Title: F.R.S.
  • Cost: 44 500 r.
  • Feature: Japanese style. Production - Italy.
  • Pros: natural silk.
  • Cons: price.

Floral print

Fashion for prints also applies to outerwear. As well as the rules about them: choose small floral designs so that the print does not look sloppy.

  • Title: ASOS
  • Price: 3171 r.
  • Characteristic: a coat of a pale blue shade with pink flowers.
  • Pros: suitable for both slender girls and ladies with uniforms.
  • Cons: if combined incorrectly with things, it will look like a bathrobe.

Floral prints look good on almost all materials. Attracting attention to themselves, such coats often set the style for the image, rather than complement it.

  • Brand Name: Open-Fashion
  • Cost: 6580 p.
  • Feature: cotton, navy blue with pink print.
  • Pros: emphasizes the silhouette.
  • Cons: dense for hot days.

How to choose a summer coat

If you decide to buy a summer women's coat, you need to decide on the color, style and material. When choosing a shade, consider the colors of the summer wardrobe. Combine colored plain coats with opposite shades (mint-orange, blue-beige). When choosing a material, the main thing is the naturalness of the fabric. When choosing a style, consider the following recommendations:

  • For girls plus-size: straight / loose fit or wrap coat.
  • For short stature: length - to the middle of the thigh.
  • Optimum length for any height: to the knee.
  • For the type of figure "pear": feminine coat-dresses.


Yana, 27 When I bought my first coat for the summer, I knew that I wouldn’t stop. I liked it so much that I bought a couple more. Now I have three of them in my wardrobe: light, color and other color. I wear mainly with dresses, it looks very stylish, but I also like to combine with shorts and t-shirts, it turns out a cool casual style.
Julia, 21 On the hottest days of July in Moscow, a coat in the summer seems unnecessary, but then comes August and cold evenings. Previously, at such moments she was saved by sweaters, but you can’t dress them with a dress, and in jeans I do not want to go on a date. The coat looks with trousers, skirts, perfectly complements the image. Successful purchase, also bought cheap!
Rita, 25 I ordered it in an online store - I did not find one I wanted in stores in St. Petersburg. I really liked the model, which did not bother even the high cost and delivery time. When the little coat came in the mail, I was delighted. As soon as the rains started, the purchase was very useful. I recommend girls not to be afraid to buy such things

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