How to choose a circulation pump for the heating system and install it correctly - overview of models with prices

Many private sector residents are familiar with the phenomenon of cold batteries. This happens due to insufficient fluid pressure in the heating system. To solve the problem once and for all, it is necessary to select a water load for heating, which is mounted in the water supply system near the boiler. How to choose the right device? What characteristics should I pay attention to? What brands of goods are in great demand on the market?

What is a heating pump

Heating designs with a natural whirlpool or recirculation flow can be quite effective, but only when servicing small areas. For private houses and apartments with a large area next to the boiler, it is necessary to install a special device for forced movement of water through the system. Circulating sediment is a technological device that works in ring heating, continuously moving water through pipes. Its main task is to ensure continuous heat supply and water circulation in the system.

Circulation pump device

In a simplified version, the principle of operation of such a technological device is based on the interaction of the motor and the rotor, which is immersed in the coolant. The motor provides a continuous supply of fluid, and the rotor helps to convert kinetic energy into potential energy, so that the necessary pressure level is created in the system. However, in many respects the high-quality and reliable operation of the circulation pump in the heating system depends on the type of device and its characteristics.


It is possible to classify heating appliances not only by brand name, but also by the characteristics and operation principle of the device. So, the types of circulating sediment are conventionally divided into only two types:

  • The dry ejector is characterized in that the rotor part of the device does not come into contact with water. Such a heating pump at the outlet gives an efficiency of up to 85%, but it creates a fair amount of noise, which is why it is preferable to install the device in separate gas boiler rooms.
  • Wet-type pumps are those devices in which the entire moving part is in constant contact with water. Warm liquid provides such technological devices with constant lubrication of parts and silent operation. Efficiency of circulating devices of the wet principle of operation is only 50-65%, which is why it is preferable to install them in private homes.


To buy a circulation pump for heating, it is important to have a good understanding of its technical parameters. There are not too many characteristics to focus on. In fact, only two will be important for a simple layman:

  • Pressure - hydraulic resistance of the system. The value in meters is measured and, as a rule, is set by the value of the highest point of the pipeline.
  • Productivity - a parameter showing how much fluid a device can process per unit of time. Productivity is measured in cubic meters per hour.

It is worth knowing that these concepts are inversely proportional. So the maximum power of the electric pump will be achieved at a zero height of the pipeline, and the pressure at the same flow rate. Thanks to these basic characteristics, you can choose a model with optimal parameters for yourself. At the same time, the principle of choosing a device - the more productive the better - to achieve high performance, is not suitable. Buying an incorrectly selected unit will lead to a decrease in heat transfer and an increase in energy consumption.


Before you choose the pump for the heating system completely, it is worth familiarizing yourself and deciphering the alphanumeric designations on the unit's label. As a rule, the following characteristics are made in the marking of circulation pumps for heating systems:

  • The letters UP - indicate the type of unit. In this case, the circulation.
  • Then there are the letters S / E, indicating the control method: step change speeds or smooth adjustment.
  • After the letter characteristics are numerical. The first block indicates the inner diameter in millimeters of narrow nozzles, the second part is the maximum pressure in decimeters.
  • The third numerical block is the millimeter value of the installation length. This indicator is important in case of insertion of the device.
  • In addition, different manufacturers may indicate additional information on the label: type of housing material, method of connection to pipes, power or class of electricity consumption.

How to calculate the power of the circulation pump for heating

In order for the pump for water circulation in the system to fully meet the requirements, before purchasing, it is necessary to make power calculations for the motor. If a unit with a too high performance index is delivered, the water in the pipes will make noise. Less power does not provide proper heat. In fact, for the correct choice of a pumping device, two quantities must be calculated:

  • engine performance;
  • feed pressure.

Operating power will come from the overall thermal performance of the heating system. Simply put, the device must pump such a volume of liquid that it is enough for the needs of all radiators in the house. To calculate this, it is necessary to know the exact resource requirements for the complete heating of the building. For private houses with an area of ​​100 square meters, this value will be 10 kW. The calculation itself should be performed according to the following scheme X = 3600U (a * c), where:

  • U - heat consumption for heating;
  • A - thermal conductivity of water = 4.187 kJ / kg;
  • In - the temperature difference between the flow and in the return line. As a rule, a value of 10-20 degrees is conventionally accepted.

Rules for installation in the heating system

In order for the water supplying unit to serve for a long time, it was convenient to maintain it, when tapping it is necessary to observe a number of rules:

  • For ease of dismantling, ball valves must be mounted on both sides of the unit.
  • To create a barrier to small mechanical particles, it is advisable to install a special filter in front of the device.
  • At the top of the detour, it is advisable to install an automatic or manual air valve, which will allow the accumulated oxygen to be removed from the system.
  • Due to the fact that the installation of pumps in the heating system of different manufacturers has its own distinctive features, it is important to observe the installation direction indicated on the device body.
  • It is always necessary to cut in a pump for water circulation in a wet-type heating system horizontally so as not to damage the electric motor during operation. In this case, the terminals of the unit must always look clearly up.
  • Joints and threaded connections must be treated with sealants, and a gasket should be put between the mating parts.

Buy a pump for heating

How much the pump costs depends on the characteristics of the unit, power, as well as the country of manufacture or brand. The cheapest options are made in China, however, as practice shows, such devices are not the most reliable, although they are cheap. For trouble-free operation during the entire warranty period, it is better to buy pumps for circulation heating, time-tested - from well-known brands. The subsequent rating of the goods will help you determine the model.


In the Russian market, the industrial company Belamos is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality heating equipment. The following model of the surface circulation unit is especially popular among representatives:

  • Model Name: Belamos BRS 25 / 4G.
  • Price: the average cost in Moscow, St. Petersburg is 1800-2100 rubles.
  • Characteristics: withstands water heating to 110 degrees, the maximum pressure is 4.5 m, and the throughput is 2.8 cubic meters of water per hour.
  • Pros: the ability to install vertically / horizontally, reasonable price, quiet operation, good build quality.
  • Cons: the control unit is not tight, the kit includes nuts of not the best quality.

The Belamos wet pump of greater power is not inferior in quality to its counterpart:

  • Model Name: Belamos BRS 32 / 8G (180mm).
  • Price: on Yandex Market from 4738 rubles.
  • Characteristics: cold water pressure - 8 m, permissible temperature + 110 / -10 degrees, W * H * D dimensions - 15 * 18 * 17 cm.
  • Pros: there is a speed control system, I come with good nuts and a cable, the impeller is made of polymer.
  • Cons: creates noise.


The equipment of the Italian company DAB PUMPS has been sold in the Russian Federation for more than 30 years. In addition, the company often holds promotions, so that equipment circulation systems can be bought at a discount very inexpensively. For example, often on sale you can find the following model:

  • Model Name: dab VA 35/180 household pump.
  • Price: You can buy from official representatives for 3334 rubles, if you order by mail the cost with delivery will be about 4000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: productivity - 3 cubic meters per hour, pressure -4.3 m, mains voltage - 220-230 watts.
  • Pros: there is protection against overheating, three rotor speeds.
  • Cons: not identified.


Among the inexpensive and trustworthy Chinese goods you can highlight heating equipment from Caliber. Among the wide range of units, the following device can be distinguished:

  • Model name: pump caliber NTs - 90 / B.
  • Price: on Yandex Market from 2304 rubles.
  • Characteristics: pressure max. - 6 m, power consumption - 90 W, throughput capacity - 2.4 cubic meters / hour.
  • Pros: reasonable price, economical energy consumption, ease of maintenance and installation.
  • Cons: when the light is turned off, it completely blocks the heating system.


The international company Aquario will create competition for any of the above products. Among the wide range it is difficult to choose especially eye-catching models, however, according to customer reviews, special attention deserves:

  • Model Name: Aquario AC 159-160A.
  • Price: 3200 rubles when buying in online stores, when buying in bulk on the official website, the price will be reduced.
  • Characteristics: develops pressure up to 9 meters, runs on electricity with a power of 120 watts, can process up to 1.75 cubic meters of liquid per hour.
  • Pros: there is the ability to artificially increase pressure, high productivity, service life from 5 to 10 years.
  • Cons: not identified.

Buyers also did not pass by another Aquario model with more powerful performance:

  • Model Name: Aquario AC 1512-195A.
  • Price: when ordering via the Internet 4582 rubles without delivery.
  • Characteristics: develops pressure inside the system up to 12 m, maximum throughput - 2.79 cubic meters, consumes power up to 270 watts.
  • Pros: suitable for installation in any position, the engine runs silently.
  • Cons: overpriced with average performance.


The largest Italian concern for the production of pumping and heating equipment presents the following products:

  • Model Name: Calpeda NCE 32-60 / 180.
  • Price: 6316 rubles on the olx website.
  • Characteristics: maximum pressure force - 5m, throughput capacity - 4 cubic meters per hour of operation, withstands temperatures up to 95 degrees.
  • Pros: there is protection against overheating, the goods belong to the class of energy-saving with the marking A.
  • Cons: slightly noisy during operation.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to a similar one, manufactured by Calpeda, whose case and internal parts are made of high quality materials:

  • Model Name: Calpeda NC3 32-70 / 180.
  • Price: 7354 rubles.
  • Product specifications: flow rate of 4.5 cubic meters in 60 minutes, the maximum pressure of the liquid - 70 meters, power consumption - 136 watts.
  • Pros: there is the possibility of installation in the water supply, high-quality performance.
  • Cons: high cost, can only be fixed in an upright position.


BAPHA presents a diverse line of circulating pumping stations, among which it stands out particularly clearly:

  • Model Name: Octopus GPD 25-4S-180.
  • Price: from 5500 to 6000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: network operation with a power of 160 W, output water pressure of 3.5 meters, throughput per hour 3 cubic meters of liquid.
  • Pros: silent engine operation, low total weight.
  • Cons: hard to find for sale, available only for horizontal location.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to a similar product of the same company:

  • Model Name: SPRUT GPD 32-8S-180.
  • Price: from 8000 to 9000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: issued water pressure 7.3 meters, throughput per hour 10 cubic meters.
  • Pros: the ability to choose the installation method, high performance, fast heating of the room.
  • Cons: in addition to high cost, the remaining shortcomings were not identified.


Wester circulating units are distinguished by a high service life, quiet operation and good workmanship of parts:

  • Model Name: Wester WCP 25-40G.
  • Price: 2127 rubles.
  • Product specifications: a surface pump for heating passes up to 2.5 cubic meters of fluid, creating the maximum allowable pressure in the system up to 4 meters.
  • Pros: installation in any position is available, the engine runs almost silently.
  • Cons: expensive compared to competitors.

Another model from the same company is distinguished by the possibility of creating a higher pressure inside the heating system:

  • Model Name: Wester WCP 15-90.
  • Price: 3041 rubles.
  • Characteristics: liquid throughput up to 1.5 cubic / hour., Pressure - 9 meters, withstands temperatures up to 60 degrees.
  • Pros: there is a function of increasing pressure.
  • Cons: only vertical installation.


Devices from the company Grundfos, popularly known under the nickname "Grundik", are characterized by high performance, long life and quality:

  • Model Name: Grundfos UPS 32-80 180.
  • Price: you can buy a pump for heating in a private house for 20983 rubles.
  • Characteristics: can create resistance up to 7.5 meters, has a capacity of 11 cubic meters per hour, the declared engine power is 135 watts.
  • Pros: the ability to choose the installation method, good quality, quiet operation, long service life.
  • Cons: high cost.

Another good unit from the same company will surprise you with its quickness in work, while not creating extraneous noise:

  • Model Name: Grundfos ALPHA2 25-40 180 Heating Pump.
  • Price: approximately 7615 rubles.
  • Product specifications: the device produces a pressure of up to 4 meters, has the ability to pass up to 2.4 cubic meters of fluid per hour, consumes 22 watts of power.
  • Pros: there is automatic control over the water level in the system, the function is night mode and the front control panel.
  • Cons: not identified.

Pump for heating Wilo

Not worse parameters than competitors, this heating device from the famous Wilo brand also has:

  • Model Name: Wilo Star-RS 25/4.
  • Price: 4087 rubles.
  • Product specifications: a wet rotor pump delivers up to 4 meters of pressure and pumps up to 3 cubic meters of water per hour of operation, the power declared by the seller is 22 watts.
  • Pros: there is a speed controller, instructions.
  • Cons: the design has only vertical mount.

A small pump for heating wilo perfectly cope with the task with a small area of ​​a house or apartment:

  • Model Name: Wilo Star-Z Nova.
  • Price: you can choose and purchase through the site for 5759 rubles.
  • Characteristics: creates pressure in the system up to 0.84 meters, and allows up to 0.36 cubic meters of water per hour of operation.
  • Pros: helps to save on electricity, heats well in small rooms, works silently.
  • Cons: high cost, only a vertical way to connect.

How to choose a pump for heating

To make the right decision, the selection of the circulation pump must take into account the following requirements and rules:

  • The unit must fully comply with the received power calculations. You need to calculate the performance in advance or ask the heating adjuster about it. In no case should you buy a product at random.
  • In order for the pump to produce the pressure declared by the manufacturer, it is necessary to select the device based on its pipe diameter. The larger the diameter, the more powerful it is to buy a device.
  • It is worth considering the external weather conditions. If the pumping station will be in a separate room, then it is likely that the unit will freeze.


Maxim, 34 years old. I have autonomous heating in my apartment with a greenfield circulation pump, but my father decided to install Wilo. Reviews about the product were good, and in reality the quality did not disappoint. The unit processes the area a little more than 200 squares and copes with the task perfectly: there are no interruptions in work, noise too, pipes are always hot.
Stas, 45 years old I used to use the Valtek home circulator, but recently it has become somehow strange to make noise, and sometimes even vibrate. I had to sell it, and in return to buy a small working Wester. In general, I was satisfied with the purchase, the apartment of 87 squares heats perfectly, the device’s operation is not heard at all. So that everyone who plans to connect steam autonomy can safely buy it.
Cyril, 37 years old When a gas boiler was installed in the house, the question arose about choosing a pump. In the store, I came across a compact device from Vilo Star. The seller told me that it helps to save gas and electricity, works without interruptions and in general is just a miracle. In fact, this is not so. Yes, it quickly heats up a small room, but when the light is turned off, there is no heating at all.

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