Vertical blinds - how to choose for windows, design, installation and care

Instead of the usual curtains, vertical blinds shown in the photo are used to protect the window from prying eyes. There are types of light protection devices that vary depending on the purpose and material used in the production. On the decorative curtains, you can apply an original drawing, and with the help of wooden ones add charm to the interior.

What are vertical blinds

The name of the type of construction comes from the word "vertical". These light-protective devices consist of plates (lamellas), which can be made from both plastic and fabric. Vertical blinds are window curtains with vertically arranged slats. In most cases, they are ordered to office and residential premises, business centers. The advantage is the convenient functionality of light protection devices, with which you can independently adjust the flow of light that enters the room. Installing vertical curtains is very simple.


The control mechanism is very convenient, and the look of the decor creates a favorable atmosphere in the office by creating soft diffused light. The functions of the blinds are aimed at facilitating the process of adjusting the luminous flux. The mechanism is designed so that you yourself can control the solar flux with the help of 180-degree slats: open them slightly or completely. The following components for vertical blinds are distinguished, which form the basis of the light-protective design:

  • control ropes;
  • cornice;
  • runners;
  • control chains;
  • connecting chain;
  • lamellas;
  • weights.


The eaves of window curtains made of fabric have a universal white color and a standard lamella width of 89 mm. Vertical fabric blinds can be ordered on the Rollet Moscow website and decorate your kitchen tomorrow.

  • Name: Line White.
  • price: 560 p.
  • characteristics: fabric (100% polyester), semi-dimming, aluminum cornice, width 160-3500 mm, height up to 5400 mm.
  • Pros: soft light, do not accumulate dust, repel moisture, cheap.
  • Cons: short-lived, let in a lot of light.

The company Verend-Design, which specializes in the sale of curtain rails and sun-protection systems, presents an assortment of vertical curtains from any fabric to choose from: linen, synthetic materials, silk. It is convenient to order vertical blinds with photos on the company's website.

  • Name: Line 01, White New.
  • price: 610 p.
  • characteristics: dimensions 1000x1000 mm, fabric (Line 01), 100% polyester, fastening to a wall or ceiling.
  • pluses: protective impregnation repels dust, does not give in to breaks and tears, it is easy to look after with the help of a dry rag.
  • Cons: with a strong stain, do not rub the fabric, do not use brushes and aggressive detergents.

The Goodmaster develops special color variations of light-protective devices for residential premises. Models fit perfectly into offices and apartments, you can apply photo printing on them.

  • Name: Fabric Line NEW
  • price: 512 p.
  • characteristics: gray, light transmission is 50%, the manufacturing country is Taiwan, dimensions are 1000x1000 mm.
  • pluses: steady and various color palette, has the anti-fat property.
  • Cons: for the kitchen you need to get a denser fabric, let in light.


The well-known company Verend-Design produces plastic window curtains, unusual colors and sizes, which can be bought in the online store. Specialists will make vertical plastic blinds within 3 working days.

  • name: Standard is white.
  • price: 1110 p.
  • characteristics: white color, plastic, lamellas rotation by 180 degrees, dimensions 1000x1000 mm, wall mount, ceiling, window opening.
  • Pros: easy to care for, the products have a quality certificate, 100% blackout.
  • Cons: Over time, they may turn yellow or break.

In the specialized store "Buy Blinds" you can buy ready-made curtains and buy slats for vertical blinds. Beautiful light green coloring will refresh the interior of both office and home.

  • Name: Plastic Standard.
  • price: 1100 p.
  • characteristics: plastic, light green color, min. and max. width 200-5000 mm, aluminum cornice, mounting to the wall and ceiling.
  • pluses: the material is resistant to temperature extremes, can be used in cool rooms, the color does not lose saturation.
  • Cons: may require repairs (they are bent), slight noise when opening.

Winlee store offers customers resistance to various kinds of pollution, suitable for large window openings and low cost blinds.

  • name: Plastic.
  • price: 455 p.
  • characteristics: white, apricot or cream color, mounted on a regular ceiling, on the walls and on the Armstrong ceiling, accessories are made in the Czech Republic and Russia.
  • pluses: does not absorb odors, does not impede air circulation, can be cleaned with special equipment, inexpensive, dust-repellent.
  • cons: amenable to deformation, do not completely darken.


The composition of the combination of environmental friendliness and natural beauty offers you to try the company "World of the Sun", which sells shutters and blinds of its own production. Professionally processed wood will maintain atmospheric comfort and will last a long time.

  • Title: Bamboo Vertical "Shikatan Tea Ceremony Blue".
  • price: 2480 p.
  • characteristics: eco-friendly woven bamboo, medium fire resistance, type of cleaning - wet, opaque transparency, the kit includes a curtain rod, material, mounts.
  • pluses: hypoallergenic, natural material.
  • Cons: do not use in rooms with high humidity.

The online store "World of the Sun" is an expensive option with a more natural color. Bamboo elements allow you to place blinds in the kitchen, in the children's room, business centers.

  • name: Sutra light beige.
  • price: 2750 p.
  • Characteristics: Three-color coloring, consisting of white, black and brown tones, has an average degree of fire resistance, obscuring light transmission.
  • pluses: lightweight, durable materials that do not cause allergies.
  • Cons: high cost, do not absorb moisture.

Window manufacturer OTK-Group offers customers high-quality wooden blinds. The high price is commensurate with the cost of true bamboo. Natural natural material retains the necessary warmth in the winter, and in the summer provides coolness.

  • name: Bamboo.
  • price: 5700 p.
  • characteristics: natural color, real bamboo, RAL painting, a special varnish is applied to the coating against the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  • pluses: does not fade in the sun, environmental friendliness.
  • Cons: expensive price.


Such interior decoration as rope vertical blinds can change the room beyond recognition. Previously used in Asian countries, when dense fabrics restricted the movement of air.

  • Title: Classic Pink Breeze Strings
  • price: 6120 p.
  • Characteristics: delicate pink color, dimming translucency, low fire resistance, fabric category A, device type - vertical.
  • pluses: the static charge arising at the movements of a thread repels dust.
  • Cons: high price, not completely obscured.

Popular blinds in the form of strips of threads are common in Russia. The Karnizof company offers a wide color gamut.

  • Name: Strings 0836 Fuchsia.
  • price: 6650 p.
  • characteristics: a set of fuchsia-colored filaments, lamella width 89 mm, height up to 3 m, rotate to the sides and around its axis, country of origin Germany.
  • pluses: you can fix many colors on one ledge, create a picture, the filament curtain originally divides the rooms into zones.
  • Cons: almost transparent, scatter light, but do not obscure.

Gently scatter the light, but not let in darkness, rope curtains will help, instead of paintings in which the threads of the brightest colors are used. The company "Alum Development" offers to buy vertical window blinds in a new interior solution.

  • name: Rope string.
  • price: 6341 p.
  • Characteristics: high-quality threads, a picture can be selected from the catalog, decorated with beads, embroidered with paintings.
  • pluses: the threads are conveniently adjustable, the installation of vertical blinds is quick.
  • Cons: low price in comparison with other companies.


In the Comfort online store you can buy metal vertical blinds, which have a long service life and protect from the sun better than other options for window curtains.

  • name: Aluminum.
  • price: 2660 p.
  • characteristics: material aluminum, sizes 1000x1000 mm, color white gloss.
  • pluses: resistance to moisture, deformation under load.
  • Cons: a sharp sound, created not for a cozy atmosphere.

The company "Workshop Blinds" took care of a comfortable stay in saunas, baths and other places with a special temperature climate. The manufacture of vertical blinds is made in accordance with the standards.

  • Name: Aluminum Gold.
  • price: 2146 p.
  • Characteristics: heat-resistant paint, bright yellow color, vertical type, material aluminum.
  • Pros: do not absorb odors, easy to clean.
  • Cons: noisy, therefore not recommended for sleeping places.

The well-known online store Top-shop is a supplier of the Chinese brand Escar. Blinds protect against ultraviolet rays, are convenient to use and easy to assemble.

  • name: Escar aluminum.
  • price: 1070 p.
  • characteristics: lamella material - metal, golden color, dimensions 80x160 cm, manufacturer Escar, manufacturing country China, weight 1627 g.
  • pluses: not combustible, withstand high temperature conditions, lightproof.
  • cons: heated in the sun.

How to choose

Before making a purchase of this type of window curtains, it will be useful to read reviews and articles on the topic of how to properly organize the selection of vertical blinds. Each type of device has its own advantages, you can assemble them according to the scheme. Information about the selection criteria for the above types of curtains will be more convenient to provide in the form of a table:

Type ofDescription and main advantages

The device of plastic lamellas should be:

  • from high-quality resistant plastic;
  • moderate cost (cheap price may indicate fragility of the product and inability to withstand temperature conditions);
  • certified product.

Choose environmental designs in accordance with the recommendations:

  • lamellas of bamboo curtains coated with colorless varnish have a great service;
  • the appointment of massive plates - spacious rooms;
  • Bamboo is prone to deformation, so the larger the window, the more individual canvases required.

This view is designed more for decorating a room than for serious protection from sunlight. The choice is made based on personal preferences and the colors that prevail in the room. There are such models:

  • jalousie string;
  • rain;
  • collections decorated with beads, rhinestones, bugles.

Metal devices act as protection against the penetration of prying eyes into the windows of the first floors. Aluminum should be:

  • safe for humans;
  • resistant to light;
  • selected for rooms where silence is not required.

Functionality is determined by the feature of the fabric. If you want to:

  • diffused sunlight - a thin and transparent fabric;
  • soft twilight - medium density fabric;
  • total darkness - opaque fabric.

If you have not yet decided on the type of curtains, and the main thing for you is durability, then there are general recommendations on how to choose a quality product based on the material of the constituent components of the structure. When buying, it is important to know how the blinds work in order to determine what suits you personally:

  1. The bearing part of the blinds, to which the lamellas are attached according to the instructions, is called a cornice. In stores you can see the cornices made of plastic or aluminum. The disadvantage of the plastic cornice is that over time it can bend under the weight of the plates. Also, after a while it can become dirty, turn yellow and lose strength. To avoid this, it is necessary to lubricate the ledges of the cornice with silicone grease annually.
  2. Runners of all kinds of devices are made of plastic. The minimum inaccuracy on the runners will make it impossible to “run” them along the ledge, which is necessary for the smooth functioning of the entire mechanism.
  3. Metal and plastic blinds have connecting metal chains, which, unlike plastic chains with fishing line, are more durable, more reliable.
  4. Weights must be heavy in order to act as weighting plates so that they hung evenly and did not swing.
  5. The control chain is located on the side of the cornice. It should be serviceable and rotate the slats 180 degrees. Now they produce only plastic control chains.
  6. The plastic control rope must properly slide and extend the plates.
  7. How to choose lamellas? The standard width of the slats is 89 mm or 127 mm. The height of the vertical type plates is best chosen according to the distance from the ceiling to the floor.


Larisa, 35 years old. Her husband and I wanted to buy trendy threads instead of curtains in the bedroom, but were afraid that they would be too translucent. As a result, we bought bamboo vertical. They fit so harmoniously into the interior that I cannot imagine a room without them. Then we will buy photo blinds with a picture in the kitchen and in the nursery. As for cleaning: I wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.
Anatoly, 41 years old I am a conservative and do not like innovations, but my wife persuaded me to change the usual curtains that accumulate dust, on vertical plastic. They have a moderate cost, easy to clean, although with a white color this is not necessary. Easy to use: I don’t need to put so much effort into letting in the sunlight.
Vasilisa, 29 years old I really wanted rope curtains, which are a novelty of window fashion. The trouble is that I live on the ground floor. I found a way out of the situation: I bought aluminum, protective. Ahead hung red and yellow threads. It turned out very funny, nothing is visible from the outside, but inside is beauty and joy. With a flick of the wrist, I let in the sun's rays.

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