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Many people dream of losing weight easily and quickly, because there are situations when hated kilograms need to be lost in a couple of days. Extreme weight loss provides this opportunity, being a way to significantly lose weight in a short time and not harm your own body. Just note that it is suitable only for healthy people, because a sharp change in diet is always a health risk.

What is extreme weight loss?

A person gains excess weight not in a day or a week, but in a few months or years, which means that you should get rid of it gradually. Losing a few pounds in a short time is unnatural and can cause significant harm to health. You can not rush from one extreme to the other, so as not to make obesity or bulimia. However, there are emergency situations in life when emergency weight loss is required, for example, a responsible performance with an athlete or an upcoming show with a model. For such cases, special diets, workouts have been developed.

From what you can quickly lose weight

Try training from Cindy Crawford. A set of exercises for quick weight loss lasts an hour, all muscle groups are worked out. The system is heavy, so for starters you can choose a simplified version. The reviews of people who have tried this technique on themselves are impressive. In one intense workout, you can get rid of one kilogram of weight, and after a week look like a model. What makes you lose weight fast? Use the Scarlett Johansson diet, she is against hunger strikes and gives her prescription for harmony, start jogging actively in the morning and follow a diet.

Extreme Weight Loss Methods

In the pursuit of a beautiful body, people often resort to extreme methods of losing weight and lose their health. The cause of the problems can be insulin injections, the use of diuretics, dangerous diet pills and psychotropic substances. To achieve success and not harm the body is possible only with the help of diet or sports, however, there are a number of medical extreme ways to lose weight:

  • Bandaging the stomach. The operation is carried out in a clinic and represents the formation in the stomach of a department that can accommodate only 30 g of food. As a result, food consumption decreases, which leads to a quick result. The risk of complications is minimal. The level of weight loss is high.
  • How can you lose weight very quickly? Liposuction gives instant results, but it will take up to 4 weeks to recover. This is a serious surgical intervention: through small incisions, a specialist inserts a thin tube under the skin, which performs translational movements. The doctor destroys the adipose tissue, and then pumps it through the tube. The level of weight loss is high.

How to lose weight fast

Three-day fasting will help (3 days on the water). The next 3 days, you need to slowly get out of starvation by including vegetable soups and salads in the diet. Eat should be in small portions so as not to cause nausea. Really quickly lose weight will help low-calorie foods. You can go on a three-day kefir diet or on a diet of a mixture of juices. Finally, you can use mono-diets, which are a uniform diet: they eat one product for 5 days, for example, buckwheat porridge, cucumbers, watermelons.

How to lose weight in a day

Success can be achieved if you arrange a fasting day. In the evening, you need to have dinner 4 hours before bedtime with lean soup or low-fat cottage cheese. The next day, eat only apples or kiwi, you can pumpkin. This will not only allow you to lose weight by 2 kg per day, but also cleanse the liver and intestines. Leaving the fasting day should be gradual so as not to provoke an upset stomach and vomiting. You can have breakfast with porridge on the water, and in the future, so that the weight does not return, exclude sweets and flour from the diet.

How to lose weight quickly before the competition

One of the popular methods for rapid weight loss is dehydration. To quickly lose weight before the competition, athletes go to the sauna, where they sweat in their clothes or perform exercises. Some apply baby oil to the body to clog skin pores and increase internal temperature. If the steam room is not suitable for some reason, you can buy a suit with a sauna effect (thermal suit) and run a long distance in it.

How to lose weight quickly in 5 days

For this five-day weight loss program, developed by Jessica Hart, you can get rid of 2-3 kg. The Australian fashion model offers liquid food for five days: green smoothies from cucumbers, spinach or celery with the addition of dry fiber. Eat cottage cheese or a couple of eggs for breakfast, and fish and salad for dinner. To quickly lose weight in 5 days, it is necessary to exclude all snacks, get enough sleep (in a dream we lose calories) and exercise regularly.

15 kg fast weight loss diet

To lose 15 kg per week, you need to eat foods that increase the metabolism of the body, and remove everything sweet, flour, fried and greasy. A diet for quick weight loss of 15 kg provides several mandatory rules. The most important of them - should be eaten three times a day, and between meals to exclude any snacks (you can only drink unsweetened green tea). You need to eat rich in vitamins, but low-calorie foods and drink more water. Include fruits or freshly squeezed juice in the diet, start jogging or exercising.

Diet Minus 8 kg per week

This four-day diet, as practice has shown, helps to lose up to 4 kg. On Monday, eat unpolished brown boiled rice and drink tomato juice. Tuesday diet Minus 8 kg per week takes place on dairy products of low fat content (1 kg of cottage cheese and 1.5 liters of kefir). On the third day, boiled chicken and green tea (800 g meat, 1 liter of tea) are offered. The fourth day of the diet - low-fat cheese, red wine (only 50 g). Wine can be replaced with green tea. Repeat all over again for the next 4 days.

Diet Minus 5 kg per week

The week of this diet begins with liquid food. You can drink broth, kefir, yogurt, tea, tomato juice, you can’t eat anything. A diet of 5 kg per week consists of carbohydrates. You can cook, for example, vegetable salads with olive oil without salt. On Wednesday, like Monday, all day only fluids. Thursday is a fruit day. On Friday - boiled chicken, low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, eggs. Drinking Saturday again, and on Sunday you can go out of the diet. For breakfast - a pair of boiled eggs and tea, an apple is suitable for a snack. Light soup for lunch, salad for dinner.

There are other quick diets for weight loss of 5 kg, for example, buckwheat - this cereal helps to cleanse the body and subsequent weight loss. In the evening, buckwheat is brewed in proportion: 1 cup cereal for 2.5 cup boiling water. Do not salt porridge or seize bread. For a change, you can brew it not with water, but with kefir. In addition to buckwheat, you can drink kefir (1.5 liters per day) and water (2 liters per day). Such a diet helps to lose 5 to 7 kg per week.

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Irina, 19 years old. I got rid of excess weight for the graduation party. An extreme diet helped, but then the weight returned. I began to lose weight according to my system, and it took almost 20 kg in six months. She gave up flour and sweet, every day she turned on music and danced for an hour. The secret is simple - change your behavior, increase the level of physical activity, and success is guaranteed!
Veronika, 23 years old. I lost 9 kg in a month - I was getting ready for the wedding. There is only one principle - you need to moderate your appetite and move more. I chose the English diet and went in for sports. If you sit still, then the kilograms will not go away. The most interesting thing is that it's hard to just get started. Then you get involved, and you get pleasure from both sports and proper nutrition.
Sergey, 28 years old. I lost 4 kg per day. The bottom line is to remove more fluid from the body through sweat. During the day I sweated for several hours in a sauna, then at home in the bathroom and on a stationary bike in a special suit. For reliability, I took a diuretic. Then this weight quickly returned.
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