Different pressure on the right and left hand - what is the reason

With arterial hypertension, a patient needs to use a blood pressure monitor to control blood pressure. More often this device is mounted on one arm, receiving a seemingly reliable answer. However, it may happen that the pressure on the other hand is different in value. The question arises, what is this connected with, how to eliminate the pathological process.

Causes of different hand pressure

If the disease prevails in remission, it is important to systematically measure blood pressure. In the acute stage, this has to be done much more often. During the examination, the main question may arise, why different arms have different blood pressure, how to interpret this anomaly. Such an unpleasant phenomenon is more often observed in adulthood, in the vast majority of clinical pictures inherent in women. The reasons for the different measurements of blood pressure may be as follows:

  1. Emotional instability. With increased nervousness, blood pressure rises, and the tonometer gives one result. Having calmed down a little, the data changes, and this is how the differences are explained.
  2. Anatomical features. The measurement result varies from the individual characteristics of the body, the structure of the arteries, the excellent musculature of both hands, the growth and health status of the patient. Fibrosis of the brachial muscles leads to pinching of the neurovascular bundle.
  3. Overwork, chronic insomnia. If you measure in this state, it is possible that different hands have different pressures. It is necessary to eliminate the factor provoking internal imbalance, and the problem will be completely resolved.
  4. Impaired blood circulation. If atherosclerotic plaques form in arteries or the capillary network, insufficient blood flows to the tissues. The process is uneven, resulting in a pressure difference on the right and left hand.
  5. Genetic predisposition. Doctors choose which hand measures the pressure. A person gets used to one side, so he may not even be aware of the presence of disagreements. A disease that triggers a mismatch can be inherited.

Different hand pressure during pregnancy

The presence of such an indicator becomes a significant cause for concern for their own health. If the difference in blood pressure of the right and left limbs is diagnosed, what to do will be prompted by the attending physician. The value is supposed to be measured several times, and if the symptom is preserved clinically, its etiology can be determined. If different pressure on the hands progresses during pregnancy, do not panic prematurely.

Since the body of a future mother increases venous blood flow and the total blood volume increases, increased or high blood pressure is not always a pathological condition in the first trimester. But in the second half of pregnancy, this is an alarming sign of a disease that can affect not only the cardiovascular system, but also the kidneys. Such an indicator will depend on the stage of the pathological process, determine the potential threat to the fetal development.

Hand pressure difference

The main reasons for the difference in blood pressure between the right and left hands can be physiological or pathological. In the first case, a short-term effect on the body of caffeinated drinks or alcohol is not ruled out. If the figure changes due to internal pathology, the factors that provoke the difference in pressure on different hands are as follows:

  • cardiac ischemia;
  • heart attack;
  • sunstroke;
  • obesity;
  • heart failure;
  • diabetes;
  • excessive presence of sodium chloride in the blood.

Which hand to measure pressure

To get an accurate result, carry out the procedure several times. Measure the upper and lower blood pressure at rest, and if abnormal, immediately consult your doctor. If you are interested in which hand to measure pressure correctly, the answer is given by a competent specialist. The normal value does not depend on the choice of limb, the main thing is to perform the procedure twice a day, always at the same time. Only in this case, the tonometer shows true value and timely signals a health problem in the body of a woman and a man.

On which hand to measure pressure with an electronic tonometer

To perform a typical measurement, doctors recommend using an automatic device. The detection of different pressure on the right and left hand is not excluded, but such a clinical picture is much less common. Before the session, it is not recommended to smoke, drink coffee and alcohol, be nervous, and the study should be carried out alternately on both limbs in a comfortable position. After a visit to the doctor, the answer to the question on which hand to measure pressure with an automatic tonometer becomes irrelevant for patients.

How to measure pressure

Since the choice of limb for measuring blood pressure does not matter, the following medical requirements must be observed to obtain a true result:

  1. Place the cuff in the region of the heart (an acceptable level is 20 millimeters above the elbow bend), pump the air with the pear intensively.
  2. Another person must perform the manipulations so that the patient maintains a comfortable body position. Blow air until the pulse disappears when listening. This is an indicator of diastolic pressure.
  3. After completing the manipulations using a semi-automatic device, bleed air until the pulse returns again. This is the mark of systolic pressure that should be filled.

Before starting home treatment, it is important to figure out how to properly measure the pressure yourself. This is a prerequisite for accurate home diagnostics, the right path to recovery. It is important to understand that the blood pressure index depends on the reduction of strength, resistance and the number of contractions for the selected time interval. Different pressure on the right and left hand is an occasion for a visit to a specialist.

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Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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