Linex - instructions for use for adults and children

The human intestine is saturated with lactic living bacteria, due to which it performs its functions. Under the influence of adverse factors: taking antibiotics, stressful situations, eating disorders, microflora stability is impaired. There are drugs that can balance it.

Linex - instruction

To treat diseases of various etiologies, medicine widely uses antibiotics. These drugs can cause irreparable harm to the mucous membranes of the body, the intestinal mucosa is the first to suffer from their use. Diarrhea, flatulence, nausea, pain are the first clinical symptoms of an imbalance in the microflora of the digestive system.

Antibacterial therapy includes the use of probiotics that can stabilize the activity of the tract with the help of bifido and lactobacilli. The Linex manual contains a description of the living organisms that make up the drug that neutralize the negative effects of antibacterial drugs. Their participation in the combined treatment of diseases normalizes the acidity of the intestine, enhances immunity. Affordable price.


The capsule of the medicinal composition contains three types of bacteria: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium infantis, Enterococcus faecium. The digestive tract of a newborn baby contains these microorganisms that normalize the intestinal microflora. The created acidic environment promotes the normal functioning of digestive enzymes. Linex composition triggers the mechanisms by which strains act on the body:

  • decrease in pH;
  • production of metabolites;
  • stimulation of immunity;
  • antibacterial effect;
  • blocking pathogenic flora;

Indications for use

Linex's abstract gives the necessary recommendations on how to take the medicine correctly. Their rigorous implementation will reduce the severity of the clinical symptoms of dysbiosis at the very beginning of treatment. Regular intake of the drug will help to achieve recovery at the end of the course. Its duration is different, depending on the cause of the disease.

The use of Linex is justified in case of diarrhea, bloating, nausea, vomiting, constipation, during chemotherapy and antibiotic treatment, Linex forte is taken a few hours after the use of drugs aimed at treating the underlying disease. Scientists have conducted studies that have shown the benefits of using probiotics in small doses to prevent infectious diseases. Achieving results depends on accurate knowledge of how to take Linex.


The tablets are intended for internal use. When it is not possible to consume them whole, it is permissible to open the packaging and mix the powder with water. Babies and children up to the age of two should be given one capsule three times a day. Up to twelve years, the intake can be two capsules in a three-time use. If you have questions about how to take the remedy correctly, the Linex instructions contain clear recommendations: three-time use of the medicine in two capsules.

You can drink it with water, juice, tea. The therapeutic effect is increased if you use the drug with food. If the symptoms of diarrhea do not disappear within three days, a doctor's consultation is necessary. You can not independently increase Linex intake - the dosage should be calculated by a medical professional, self-medication is unacceptable. The price of the product depends on how many tablets the package contains. If you have questions about how to take Linex correctly, the instructions for use contain clear recommendations.

Side effects

The components of a balanced probiotic normalize the work of all parts of the intestine. During the existence on the drug market, there have been no complaints of complications that have arisen after administration. Side effects of Linex have been noted in cases of individual intolerance to the components. It is well tolerated by pregnant women, nursing mothers, babies and the elderly.


Milk protein lactose is part of Linex capsules - an individual intolerance to this protein will be a contraindication to the use of the drug. There were no allergies, cases of overdoses or unforeseen reactions when used together with antibiotics. A healthy adult who does not have symptoms of dysbiosis can use the drug for prophylactic purposes on trips, or in stressful situations.

Linex for children

Children's dysbiosis is diverse in clinical manifestations. Symptoms may vary from common, making diagnosis difficult. When a child is found to have diathesis, he is not gaining weight well - the root cause of these diseases may be the unbalanced intestinal microflora. To infuse beneficial microorganisms into the digestive tract, Linex is prescribed for children. Reviews of mothers say that children tolerate this remedy well. For children, the form of release has been changed: you can buy sachets or drops, their price is higher than that of capsules.

Pediatricians advise giving it to a newborn baby for fourteen days. This time is enough for the bacteria to multiply in the required quantity and increase the body's resistance. The dose for such babies is equal to one capsule, taken three times a day. You only need to know how to drink Linex correctly: you need to open the capsule, mix the powder with breast milk. In rare cases, when the child does not tolerate milk protein, taking the drug is contraindicated. To feed these babies use special mixtures.

Linex during pregnancy

Pregnancy often causes hormonal imbalance in women, resulting in colpitis, chronic thrush, stool disorders: diarrhea, constipation. To eliminate the symptoms, doctors prescribe Linex to pregnant women. The price of the drug depends on the number of tablets, buy how much is needed for the treatment course. Its manufacturers talk about the safety of taking the medicine during pregnancy. This is confirmed by the reviews of expectant mothers, but consultation and supervision of doctors in such situations is necessary.


capsules, 48 ​​pcs.

592 rubles

capsules, 16 pcs.

266 rubles

capsules, 32 pcs.

482 rubles

Sachets for children 1.5 g 20 pcs.

645 rubles

Sachet for children 1.5g 10 pcs.

429 rubles.

Linex, drops for children, 8ml.

490 rubles.

Analogs of Linex

If there is no way to buy the drug, or the price does not suit you, there are Linex analogues, although the cost does not differ significantly. The drug Acipol is included in the list of combined probiotics: its effectiveness is enhanced by the kefir fungus included in the composition of the drug. Bifiform tablets contain lactulose; they will cost a little more than Acipol. In choosing a medicine, one should not be guided by price, but by the result of treatment.


Tatyana, 54 years old. I'm going through hard times related to menopause. I bear it, as a disease, hard. Disruption of the hormonal background was complicated by problems with the intestines, constipation began, alternating with diarrhea. She was treated herself, she did not go to the hospital for a long time, but she had to. The doctor prescribed Linex, the condition has improved significantly.
Victoria, 27 years old. I have a second pregnancy, everything was fine with the first child - the intestines worked like clockwork. But for the second, I experienced terrible torment, with what it is connected, I do not know. Bloating began after tea with cookies, eating normal food brought flour. These troubles ended in loose stools. After I started drinking the capsules, everything fell into place.
Marina, 32 years old. My baby was three months old when I had to give up breastfeeding. I got a sore throat, at first I could not feed, and then the milk disappeared from the heat. The child began to gain weight poorly, constantly suffered from colic, slept poorly, the stool became liquid, green. A children's doctor prescribed Linex, which simply saved us.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.