Mexidol - instructions for use, analogues and reviews

To optimize the body's work, it is appropriate to additionally drink the course of prescribed medications. Choose Mexidol if you need to affect the body's resources, support the functions and tone of the internal systems, especially the central nervous system. Unauthorized use of the drug is strictly contraindicated.

Mexidol - indications for use

This synthetic antioxidant is suitable for internal use. It is produced in a liquid solution for injection and in the form of pills. If the doctor prescribed Mexidol - indications for use should be discussed in advance, exclude cases of overdose, contraindications. With drug incompatibility, it is worth choosing a more gentle analogue with a mild effect on the focus of the pathology.

The active substance of the chemical formula is ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate. The synthetic component improves tissue respiration, which is especially true for all types of hypoxia. In addition, it provides high-quality nutrition of tissues, effectively fights with the products of intoxication of the body. The therapeutic effect is almost instantaneous, especially if it is an intramuscular injection in case of shock conditions.

In tablets -

This is the most affordable form of release for a sick person: it is possible to buy pills without a prescription in any pharmacy. The use of Mexidol should be based on the recommendations of a specialist, a study of the instructions. If you use the medicine correctly, you can protect the body from intoxication, prevent the appearance of foci of necrosis against the backdrop of spontaneously progressing oxygen starvation. Mexidol (tablets) is prescribed for such conditions of the body as:

  • systemic circulatory disturbance;
  • previous strokes;
  • general intoxication of the body;
  • TBI;
  • encephalopathy;
  • prolonged stressful conditions;
  • extensive nerve damage;
  • infectious and inflammatory processes of the body.

Mexidol instructions tell you how to properly put this medicine into practice. The initial dose of the drug is defined as 1-2 tablets twice a day, but then, on the recommendation of a doctor, it can be increased to 1-2 tablets three times a day. The maximum portion of ethylmethylhydroxypyridine per day is 800 mg, i.e. 6 tablets. Overstating daily rates, according to the instructions for use, can lead to an overdose. The duration of therapy varies from 2 to 6 weeks, must be agreed upon by the attending physician.

In ampoules

The second form of release of this medication is a solution for injection. If regular Mexidol is prescribed in this form, the ampoules are also dispensed without a prescription. The release option is more effective, since the component - methylhydroxypyridine - immediately enters the systemic circulation, has a therapeutic effect, gives a stable and long-lasting therapeutic effect. The medicine has antioxidant, nootropic, antihypoxic and anxiolytic properties. Indications for use are as follows:

  • insufficient nutrition of brain tissue;
  • impaired systemic circulation of the cerebral cortex and not only;
  • nervous disorders with panic attacks, anxiety conditions;
  • cognitive impairment;
  • open angle glaucoma.

The medicine Mexidol in ampoules according to the instructions is administered intramuscularly or intravenously into the patient's body. Single doses and duration of the course is important to pre-arrange with your doctor. A similar annotation Mexidol reports that a single medication depends on the nature of the pathological process, the degree of neglect of the diagnosed disease. These may be the following standards:

  1. Disturbed cerebral circulation - 200-500 mg of medicine / 14 days.
  2. Traumatic brain injury - 500 mg / 14 days.
  3. Circulatory failure in the cerebral cortex - 100-250 ml / 10 days.

Side effects

Before prescribing a medicine, the doctor studies its description, eliminates contraindications, side effects, incompatibility with other pharmacological groups in the complex treatment. This will help to eliminate the deterioration in the general well-being of the patient, accelerate recovery. After prescribing the drug, consider that Mexidol gives the following side effects:

  • signs of dyspepsia of varying severity;
  • local allergic reactions.

Mexidolum for children

Tablets and injections are prescribed for small patients with traumatic brain injuries, purulent neuroinfections. Dosage is indicated in the instructions for use, but clearly requires systematic medical supervision, correction strictly for medical reasons. Mexidol for children is not harmful, but there are age restrictions that are best not to violate.

Mexidol during pregnancy

The drug does not help future mothers quickly recover, but can only harm the fetal development of the fetus, provoke extensive pathologies. Clinical studies of such categories of patients were conducted by her, therefore, the medication Mexidol during pregnancy is not prescribed. In addition, the drug is contraindicated during lactation.


Given the fact of drug interaction, it becomes obvious that not all patients can use this medication. If Mexidol is interested, contraindications must first be studied. The manufacturer reports that taking pills and injections is not recommended if there is a clinical picture:

  • renal failure;
  • problems in the liver;
  • hypersensitivity to synthetic components.

Mexidol - analogues

If these injections give an allergic reaction, correction of the treatment regimen is necessary. Analogs of Mexidol also work productively, the main thing is to choose the safest medication in a particular clinical picture. According to the reviews of doctors, Cerecard, Meksiprim, Meksidant, Neuroks, Meksikor well proved themselves well.


The cost of the drug is available to almost all patients, and varies between 250-400 rubles per pack of tablets. The price of injections remains approximately in the same price range. Before buying, it is important to read the instructions. The price on the Internet is cheaper, real reviews about high performance are positive. If you buy medicine at a pharmacy, the price depends on the city and region. No recipe required.


Marina, 31 years old. Gave the child this medication according to the instructions after a traumatic brain injury. Before the start of the course, the pressure jumped strongly, after - it stabilized. The general condition returned to normal, headaches and dizziness disappeared. The child calmed down, stopped being naughty in food, sleeps better. Affordable price, 2 courses.
Elena, 40 years old. I drank pills during the winter session to activate the brain. The doctor did not forbid, the price is affordable for the student. I noticed that hair grew better, nails were strengthened, memory problems disappeared. The dose was moderate, the course was 14 days. If there are no contraindications, I recommend my preparation method to all students.
Svetlana, 34 years old. I also paid attention to the medicine Mexidol - the instructions for use are very encouraging. She started taking pills, completely got rid of internal fears, which have recently intensified. The nervous system became calmer, the eternal tension in which she lived for several months passed.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.