How to choose a mattress in a crib for a newborn baby

The future mother, closer to the time of childbirth, wonders which mattress is best for the baby. This is a very important question, because a small body needs to create ideal conditions for a healthy and comfortable sleep. The rules for choosing a mattress in a crib are not the same as for an adult.

How to choose a mattress for a newborn

The product must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess good rigidity. It is contraindicated for newborns to sleep on a soft surface.
  • Be made from natural materials or high-quality and environmentally friendly artificial substances.
  • Exactly fit the size of the crib.
  • Have a flat surface, do not be pushed in some places.

Types of Fillers

Considering the question of how to choose a mattress in a crib for a newborn, it is worth paying special attention to the internal contents of the product. Pediatricians unanimously say that in the early stages of development of the crumb, the spine is strengthened and posture is formed. In order not to have problems in the future, you need to choose a high-quality model and not spare money on it. It is worth giving preference to these types of packing:

  • Coconut Coir. Natural material that is obtained by processing coconut fiber. The mattress has good rigidity, provides normal air and moisture exchange, does not absorb odors, practically does not get wet, hypoallergenic. An expensive product has a natural impregnation (for example, coconut latex). In the production of cheap mattresses, impregnation unsafe for the baby can be used.
  • Latex. Another natural material that is made from Hevea tree sap. In exceptional cases, it causes allergies, has good elasticity, but not as hard as coconut. The best option is a combination of natural latex and coconut coir.
  • Polyurethane foam. In simple words - hard foam. It has a long service life, does not emit toxins, provides good air exchange and a high level of fire safety. Used for the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses.
  • Struttofiber. Hypoallergenic substance made from natural and synthetic pressed materials. If you still do not know which mattress to choose for a newborn in a crib for the winter, think about struttofiber - this filler is warm and practical.

Crib Mattress Size

The height of a high-quality product is about 10 cm. The mattress should fit snugly to the sides of the crib, be 2-3 cm smaller than the bottom. Clearances are not allowed, as the handle or foot of the baby may get stuck in them, which will lead to injury. A model that is too large in area will create hollows and bumps, and this is harmful to the spine of the child. The standard sizes of the beds are 120x60 cm, the European parameters are slightly different - 125x65 cm, there are samples of 140x70 cm.

Which mattress cover is better to choose

Parents should pay attention to the cover. A good product does not get wet, participates in creating a comfortable microclimate for crumbs, makes the sleeping surface softer. How to choose a mattress in a bed for a defenseless newborn and which mattress cover should I prefer? Useful recommendations:

  • It is convenient to use the product with elastic sidewalls. Choosing this option, do not forget to consider the height of the mattress.
  • Buy a cover with a protective waterproof (membrane) coating. The outer side of the product should be made of soft natural material.
  • If there is no way to buy a mattress cover, look for waterproof non-rusting diapers.
  • Quilted jacquard products have proven themselves as upholstery. Calico and chintz quickly lose their original appearance.

Which mattress is better

These products are spring and springless. How to choose a mattress in a crib for a newborn? The second category is more common among the preferences of parents, because it has an affordable price and good functional properties. Spring samples cause some doubts. The main thing in a children's mattress is that it supports the correct posture of the baby and is comfortable.

Spring loaded

For newborns, this is not the most worthy option, and an experienced pediatrician will confirm this information to you. Still decided to opt for a spring sample? Then you should know which mattress is best for a newborn. Manufacturers produce such models:

  • With dependent spring unit. When loaded, each spring of the product is activated, since they are connected to each other. The model bends a lot, which is not very good for the baby. It is better to choose a product with a small diameter of the springs, but even this will not guarantee a completely healthy sleep.
  • With an independent unit. If the impact goes to one spring, the rest remain unchanged. The model does not sag and relax the spine. Has a high height - 13-15 cm.

Orthopedic mattress for a newborn

The best option for the smallest. Still wondering how to choose a mattress in a standard crib for a newborn? Buy springless or orthopedic. Quality models have one or more fillers listed above. Extruded horse hair may also be internal contents. Thanks to the alternation of hard and soft layers, optimum mattress elasticity is achieved. At the youngest age, the child is laid to sleep on the hard side, and when he grows up, the mattress can be turned over with the soft side.

Baby cotton in the crib

This model clearly will not be the answer to the question of which mattress is better to choose for a newborn. Although the material is considered safe, it will not bring any benefit to the baby. The product easily absorbs moisture, odors, quickly gets off and loses its shape. Cotton mattresses do not support the spine, which further leads to its curvature. Do not be surprised if, over time, the baby will have diaper rash and prickly heat. A cotton product that has been in operation does not allow air to pass through well. When a child grows up to 2-3 years, you can think about buying this model.

Rating of mattresses for newborns

The following companies are popular among parents:

  • Bottlenose dolphin Bai-bai. An excellent orthopedic mattress that gave healthy sleep to more than one child. Made of environmentally friendly materials, has two sides - winter and summer. Height - 14 cm, upholstery - jacquard.
  • Plitex. A company offering quality products in the middle price range. Stuffing - coconut and artificial latex. The model has earned positive feedback from parents.
  • RedCastle Manufacturer of cocoon mattresses. Designed for babies up to 4 months. The model is a product in the shape of a cocoon with a recess in the middle, resembles an oblong nest.


Ekaterina, 27 years old -Be sure to pay attention to the height of the mattress! My husband and I hurried and bought a model with coconut filling, but its height is only 6 cm. Maybe it doesn’t matter, but I think it’s better to choose a mattress from 10 cm. The baby sleeps on it well, but I put on a thick one mattress cover.
Margo, 35 years old - We bought a bottle of bottlenose dolphin for our crumbs for the size of 120x60 cm. It lay perfectly, there are no gaps and mounds. The product is moderately hard, it has a good height. After unpacking, there was a faint smell of a new product, but after a couple of days of airing on the balcony the “aroma” disappeared. The baby slept on it for a long time, now there are no problems with the back.
Tamara, 21 years old - I was immediately told that there was no foam rubber, cotton wool and other similar materials. Moderately hard mattress will be optimal. Wherever I poked, everywhere they offered a coconut + latex model. I bought it, I did not regret it. Only now the child wanted to sleep more with me than in the crib, so the mattress remained as good as new.