Tablet holder in car

The tablet is very convenient to use in the car, because it can perform many useful functions. For maximum comfort, it is advisable to acquire a special car holder for this device. It is worthwhile to talk more about what types exist.

Car mount for tablet by type of mount

There are several options for fixing the tablet computer in the car. Each of them has its own characteristics. Some mounts are more convenient to use if only the driver will use the equipment, others are preferable to buy if the gadget is at the disposal of passengers. If you plan to purchase an accessory, you should find out the details about each option.

Universal mount for tablet in car

It is called so because it is suitable for tablet computers of different diagonals and has sliding stops. It is allowed to use for any gadget from iPad Mini to Samsung Galaxy very large sizes. The tablet holder in the car can be mounted on glass, dashboard and headrest. As a rule, the product is made of plastic.


  • universality;
  • wide viewing angle due to the ability to rotate the mount.


  • large sizes;
  • under certain operating conditions, it will rattle and vibrate;
  • degrades visibility if placed on the windshield.

Mount the tablet in a suction cup machine

Such an accessory must be installed on glass. Many worry about the fact that suction cups tend to peel off. The modern design involves a large diameter of the mount and a special locking mechanism, so that the holder sticks to the glass almost "tightly". The product may have a flexible or rigid tripod. In the case of the first, the possibilities for placing the display in the cabin are significantly expanded.


  • can be attached to any area of ​​glass;
  • reliability of fixation.


  • may shake when moving.

Attaching a tablet in a car to a rack

This option is not much different from the previous one with the exception of one detail. The tablet holder in the car is not attached to smooth glass, but to the dashboard made of plastic. It is often porous or ribbed. Therefore, first, a round silicone base is glued to the panel, and a suction cup sticks to it. The tripod for such models is usually tough.


  • due to the hard tripod it will not shake even when driving on a bad road;
  • Holds the gadget very tight.


  • the stiffness of the bracket will not allow you to attach the gadget anywhere in the cabin.

Tablet holder with clip

Reliable mounting option. The accessory is equipped with clamps that will firmly fix the device. Typically, these mounts differ in the maximum number of inches that they can be moved apart. There are options suitable for both phones and tablets. When choosing a clamping fastener, pay attention to whether the paws are loose or protected by soft rubber pads.


  • The clamp holder for the tablet in the machine holds the device stronger than magnetic or three-point.


  • not detected.

Tablet holder in the car at the place of attachment

A tablet computer can be placed in different areas of the machine, depending on the purpose for which it is used. If it is necessary directly to the driver in order to go according to the GPS-navigator schemes, then he must be in front of the car. To occupy the kids in the back seat of the car with cartoons, it is better to attach the gadget to the back. If you plan to buy a fixture, you should know which models are suitable for certain placements.

Headrest holder

There are two types of mounts. The first option is a holder for the tablet on the headrest of one of the passengers. It is attached to the racks with special hooks or tightening nuts. In most models, it will be possible to adjust the degree of remoteness of the screen from the seat, height. The gadget can be tilted or lifted a little, but you can’t turn it to the sides.

The second type is a holder for a tablet in a car between two seats. The telescopic rod, adjustable in length, is equipped with two hooks at the edges. Each of them is attached to the rack of one of the seats. On this rod is a three-point or clamp holder. The advantage of such an accessory is that you can slide the tablet closer to a particular seat, tilt it.

On the dash

On the dashboard, you can place the holder for your tablet in the car with suction cups. To do this, you will need to buy a pad for it, although many release them in the kit. If the display is small, then you can position it both on the right and on the left side of yourself. If you plan to mount the holder with suction cups on the dashboard, then pay attention to models with a rigid tripod.

There is another mounting option for the driver. Now release holders with clothespins that are inserted into the ventilation grilles. They provide reliable fixation, but do not give the opportunity to rotate the tablet in one direction or another, tilt, move closer to yourself. Another advantage is that the gadget with such a holder will be in the driver’s range, but will not limit the visibility.

Mounting a tablet in a car on a windshield

The most common and most convenient option for most drivers. You can attach a model with a suction cup to the glass. It is important that it be large in diameter and with mechanical pumping of air. Such a tear from the surface is almost impossible. The windshield mount is convenient in that the tablet can be positioned anywhere: to the left or right of the driver, at the very top or at eye level.

Where to buy and how much does auto-fixing for a tablet cost?

In the table you will see an approximate price range for the most popular models of fasteners, offered by ordinary stores and virtual trading floors with delivery:

Holder model

Estimated cost in rubles

AKC-176 on glass


Capdase Tab-X Car Cup Holder Charging Holder


Baseus FunPlay Universal


Defender Car holder 211 on glass


Lovit HML-8 + option on the headrest + bar


Ppyple HR-NT Headrest


Video: do-it-yourself fixture for a tablet in a car


Yura, 32 years old: - My wife and I constantly take children to grandparents who live far beyond the city. Previously, they did not know what to do with them, and then bought a tablet holder, which is attached to the head restraints. Great fit. The equipment in it sits firmly, does not tremble, does not slip out. Children are happy watching cartoons all the way.
Oleg, 27 years old: - I recently moved to a big unfamiliar city and am poorly oriented here. I bought a tablet to use as a navigator. At first I wanted to make a homemade holder, then I decided to buy one that fits into the cup holder, but it is very expensive. I chose a model that can be mounted on a dashboard. I really enjoy using it.
Sasha, 43 years old: - I have a glass holder, with which I turn my tablet into a DVR. I chose an expensive mount, because I would not want the gadget to fall out and crash when it hits a bump. I am completely satisfied with my holder; it adheres well to glass. The tripod is tough and the clamps are strong, so the gadget sits firmly in place.