9 best surveillance cameras for home and street

In stores, offices, in parking lots, in the courtyard of a private house and even in an apartment today you can not do without video surveillance. For this, the modern market of goods offers special cameras with which you can constantly monitor the object.

How to choose a surveillance camera

In appearance, such devices are divided into 4 types:

  1. Modular - they don’t have a body and an arm, only a lens. These are inexpensive built-in cameras that are suitable for security system developers.

  2. Dome - spherical. It is difficult for them to see the peephole, so the intruder does not guess the "blind" zone. Such devices are located on walls or ceilings, they are often placed in offices and other public places. They are suitable for video recording of traffic accidents.
  3. Cabinet - a rectangle on a bracket of a static type (removes a given location) or a rotary one. They have a good lens (from 2.8 mm) and high image quality. Screws are used for installation.
  4. Mini - compact, with recording function. The most expensive home camcorders used for covert shooting. Often they are wireless, and their operating time is small due to size.

By the method of data processing, devices are divided into 2 groups:

  1. Digital. Video detectors have a photosensitive sensor, an optical system, display a high quality image. Easily connect to computers, suitable for remote video transmission. Minus is the price.

  2. Analog. Inexpensive, but connected via wires, have a small viewing area and small functionality. To process the received data stream, you will need a converter - a DVR.

Outdoor surveillance cameras are mounted at a distance of 4 m from the ground. If above, getting a picture with good detail will be more difficult. Below - an attacker gets to the device. Home or office camcorders are mounted in the corners for a larger viewing area. The lens is not placed against the light, so that white spots do not appear on the picture.

Criterias of choice

  • Microphone. Look at the description from what distance the device will capture sound.

  • Degree of protection. Resistance to moisture, explosions, and mechanical damage (anti-vandal) is especially important for a device that is placed in a public place.
  • Infrared (IR) backlight. Thanks to her, clear shots are obtained in low light and at night. The more LEDs, the wider the area covered. The recommended amount is 15-20 pcs.
  • Type of data transfer. The cable limits the installation area, but makes the video stream more stable. Transmission over wireless Internet or 4G, LTE networks is more convenient, but these signals can be jammed by interference generators.
  • Motion Sensor. The device starts recording video if the frame has changed.
  • Focal length. The lower this figure, the larger the viewing angle. The recommended value is 2.6-3.2 mm.

The best street surveillance cameras

The main requirements for a device that is placed outside the premises are resistance to external factors and night mode. Good camcorders operate at temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees (these are sufficient values), they protect the body from moisture, and the lens from fogging. To shoot at night, a street camera requires IR illumination with a long wave - the object will be visible at a distance of 15-20 meters or more. Anti-vandal protection does not hurt.

3. Beward M-920Q3

Simple rotary surveillance camera for a summer residence, shop, garage. The metal case with a visor is not afraid of moisture, the device operates at an air temperature of -40 to +50, the lens does not fog up. Focal length - 3.6 mm, photosensitivity of 0.5-0.7 lux, depending on the time of day. The camera works in analog PAL mode, automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of the picture. LEDs (12 pcs.) Themselves turn on when the illumination falls below 3 lux.

Night shooting is possible, but only for objects located at a distance of no more than 15 m. Image detailing is average, because the resolution is 800 TV lines or 1280 * 960 pixels (this is 1.3 megapixels). The device does not have a microphone and a mechanical IR filter. The kit includes a visor and fasteners, so all wires for connection will have to be purchased separately.


  • 3200 rub.


  • reliable;

  • good picture;
  • resistant to shock;
  • just install.


  • low backlight and short distance at night.

2. Hikvision DS-2CE56D8T-VPITE

Dome camera for outdoor and indoor installation with a detail level of 2 megapixels gives a high-quality picture with high resolution: 1920 * 1280 pixels. The matrix is ​​standard, CMOS, color shooting, there is an HDR mode that increases the clarity and brightness of the image. The device transmits video at a frequency of 25 frames per second to monitor the object in real time. The camera standard is HD TV. The lens is fixed, with a change in focal length from 2.8 to 6 mm.

The device has a motion sensor, the ability to shoot in an extended dynamic range. The viewing angle for a camera of a high price category is weak - only 54.4 degrees. For night shooting, there is an IR LED that captures the subject at a distance of up to 20 m. The body is metal, protected from moisture. The camera works at temperatures from 40 degrees below zero to +60. In illuminated areas, WDR stabilizes color, so white spots do not appear.


  • 4500 rub.


  • withstands very high temperatures;

  • night shooting;
  • high sensitivity;
  • connects to a computer (need cables);
  • Corrects defects from lighting;
  • strong case.


  • expensive;

  • small viewing angle.

1. Falcon EYE FE-IB720MHD / 20M

A popular rotary hybrid surveillance camera in a classic white case. The shooting is color, but the level of detail is low - only 1 megapixel, so it’s bad to consider the faces of visitors. Thanks to the resolution of 1280 * 800 pixels and the HD CMOS H42 matrix, the image can be displayed on screens with a large diagonal without loss of quality. For night shooting, there is an infrared module, but a clear picture will be at a distance to the subject no more than 20 m.

The device works stably at temperatures from -40 to +50, the metal case is reliably protected from moisture. Even heavy rain will not affect the shooting, but it is better to place the camera under a canopy. For a budget device, it’s quite a decent picture, which provides a focal length of 2.8 mm, backlight compensation, automatic white balance. There is a backlight of 24 diodes. The recording mode is selected by the joystick. Communication cables are included with the camera.


  • 1300 rub.


  • night shooting;

  • transfer to analog mode;
  • connector for external power;
  • inexpensive;
  • easy to install.


  • small viewing angle;

  • no network adapter included.

Best Home Security IP Cameras

Equipment with a network interface is more expensive than analog, but more functional, especially if you put several devices in different rooms and combine them. It is important that the camera supports all WiFi standards (especially 5 GHz), IPv6, password protection, Internet access. The function of recording video to a memory card or flash drive, viewing in real time through the application on the phone, tablet will not be superfluous.

3. EZVIZ Mini Pano


The product of a subsidiary of the Chinese brand Hikvizion is liked by users for its functionality and nice design. A small round camera in a dark gray body works in tandem with a proprietary cloud service. A feature of the device is the fisheye effect, which provides a full panorama when shooting: the viewing angle is 180 degrees. There is a tracking function: if the camera captures movement in the frame, the user receives a notification on the phone.

The image is created by the CMOS-matrix, the focal length is 1.2 mm. The image quality is high due to the level of detail of 3 megapixels. The maximum resolution is 1344 * 1344 pixels, the picture comes out informative and bright. Photosensitivity high: 0.01 lux during the day and 0 lux at night. The IR illumination range is 7 m. There are all modern functions: motion sensor, video recording with sound, IPv6 is supported. Comes with a USB cable, power adapter.


  • 11 900 rub.


  • data access speed;

  • wide viewing angle;
  • high quality night shooting;
  • Stably works in damp rooms;
  • easy to use;
  • object tracking function;
  • covers the entire area;
  • supports WiFi 5 GHz.


  • high price;

  • difficult to buy;
  • shooting at 15 frames per second.

2. D-Link DCS-942L / A4B

The wireless surveillance camera is made of plastic and has a rotatable housing. The device has a VGA CMOS sensor, a focal length of 3.15 mm and average viewing angles from 34.5 to 54.9 degrees. When watching a video in real time, you can enlarge the picture 4 times. The photosensitivity is excellent - 0 lux, so even in dim light the image remains clear. WiFi connection speed - up to 72 Mbps.

Users appreciate the quality of shooting at 30 frames per second. You can take still pictures in the process. Video is converted to MPEG4, H.264, but its resolution is not more than 640 * 480 pixels. The user has access to many settings: brightness, data transfer rate, image quality, motion detection window. Sound is also recorded. You can control the camcorder through the application from mobile devices on iOS, Android and Windows.


  • 6700 rub.


  • memory card slot;

  • remote control;
  • connecting up to 32 cameras in a bunch;
  • sensor response record;
  • the backlight turns on automatically;
  • easy to set up;
  • saving pictures.


  • small range of IR illumination (5 m);

  • low resolution pictures.

1. Xiaomi MiJia 360 Home Camera

This PTZ video camera for home surveillance comes in the form of a white plastic “mushroom” with side speakers. At the bottom there is a microUSB connector, a reset button and an SD card slot. There is no mount, the camera is designed for desktop installation. The adapter and cable for the device are included. Night illumination is 10 LEDs, so the object will be captured only at close range. You can control the device through the official Xiaomi app.

The camcorder provides a perfect overview: a full 360 degree panorama due to the rotation of the "cap". Video is recorded at 30 frames per second, FullHD format. The picture is high-quality even in low light thanks to the f1 / 8 aperture and image correction technology, but black and white. There is a voice control function, but it is inferior. Thanks to the two-way microphone, the device can be used for video calls, if connected to the phone.


  • 4990 rub.


  • viewing angle;

  • compact
  • design;
  • lenses are resistant to scratches and scuffs;
  • simple operation;
  • many functions;
  • video quality;
  • background noise reduction.


  • all voice features are in Chinese.

The best camera dummies

When constant monitoring of the object is not required and you just want to scare away uninvited guests and intruders (in the entrance, elevator, office), they buy a fake security system. The camera model is very similar to the real one, but it does not record and works on batteries, and for plausibility it may have a cable. At important sites it is better to combine such a toy with real video surveillance systems.

3. Orient AB-CA-11B

The snag camera in a black cylindrical plastic case on a long bracket looks like a real one. All details are made very plausibly, the head tilts and rises. Included are mounts for the device. Suitable for installation on the street and indoors thanks to its resistance to extreme temperatures, fixed on the wall. Power is supplied by 2 AA batteries (not included).

After turning on, a red LED starts flashing on the device, and at night a simulation of IR illumination appears around the lens. The wire that comes with the kit is too thin for some users, it is replaced with a television, so that the dummy becomes even more like a real technique.


  • 590 rub


  • believable look;

  • easy to install;
  • LED is visible at a great distance;
  • affordable price;
  • batteries last for a long time.


  • no declared detection sensor.

2. Proline PR-11B

The product of a well-known manufacturer of video surveillance equipment looks like a classic rotary outdoor camera, but is made of light black plastic instead of metal. Only the device and screws for fastening are included, some users additionally cling to any thin wire. The IR illumination of the dummy is turned on in low light, but does not blink constantly, which makes the fake camera more believable.

Powered by 2 LR6 (AA) cells. The manufacturer does not recommend using this dummy camera at temperatures below +10 degrees. This will adversely affect the condition of the case and battery life. If you observe all operating conditions, you can replace the batteries once a quarter or six months.


  • 850 rub


  • light sensor;

  • easy to install;
  • reliable (works for 2-3 years).


  • hard to find on sale.

1. PROconnect 45-0220

A popular and very cheap imitation of the dome-type internal camera is made of sturdy scratch-resistant plastic. It is better to protect it from blows. There are screws in the kit, but many users fix the device to the wall or ceiling with double-sided tape - due to its low weight it holds well. Additionally, there is a sticker that says "Video surveillance is underway."

The food is standard for dummies - 2 AA batteries, with constant operation they need to be changed after 2-3 months. Every 5 seconds, a red LED flashes at the lens, which indicates ongoing recording. To turn the device on or off, you need to click on the dome.


  • 380 rub


  • convenient mount;

  • bright LED;
  • Cheap
  • the ability to turn on and off.


  • blinks too often.

Product comparison table


Camera type

Resolution, pix

IR range, m

Beward M-920Q3




Hikvision DS-2CE56D8T-VPITE




Falcon EYE FE-IB720MHD / 20M



EZVIZ Mini Pano

fisheye (dome)



D-Link DCS-942L / A4B




Xiaomi MiJia 360 Home Camera




Orient AB-CA-11B



Proline PR-11B

PROconnect 45-0220


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