10 best slicers

In preparing the festive menu, the hostess strives to make dishes not only tasty, but also visually attractive. To make meat, cheese, sausage, fruit or vegetable slicing perfect, use a slicer or slicer.

How to choose a slicer

According to the principle of operation, 3 types of devices are distinguished:

  • Mechanical (manual). Inexpensive, but large volumes of products with them are difficult to process.

  • Semi-automatic. The knife rotates when power is supplied to the motor from the mains, but the product must be brought under the blades manually.
  • Automatic. The slicing parameters are set programmatically, the device does all the work itself.

Important selection criteria:

  • Design. Folding plastic models are suitable for those who have little space in the kitchen. If space allows, it is better to buy a whole slicer - it is more reliable.

  • Material. The metal case is stronger than the plastic, but heavier.
  • Power. Home (household) appliances consume from 65 to 150 watts (sometimes 180 watts), professional ones up to 200. There is no strong difference with rare use, but if you work with the slicer every day, you should look at models with a capacity of 150 watts.
  • Knife. The most reliable and inexpensive material is stainless steel. High-end appliances can use ceramics. Such blades are sharper, but also more fragile.
  • Slicing thickness. The higher the range, the more functional the device you get. Most models have 1-15 mm, but there are options with an upper limit of 20-22 mm. It is desirable that the desired value is fixed during operation, otherwise you will set the thickness at random each time.

The best mechanical slicers

The devices are similar to automatic (with a round knife, a pallet and a vertical wall), but you need to move all the parts manually.

Most mechanical slicers are small plastic slicers of various shapes that cut cheese, bread, fruit or vegetables.

These are inexpensive compact devices made of plastic with thin knives. You cannot cut solid food with them. Cheese slicers often look like a classic wooden board with a rising blade-thread.

3. Alligator

One of the best manual slicers for vegetables is made by EPU. Judging by the reviews, it is important to find Swedish products. Similar produces Greece and the quality is much worse. The body of the plastic product in white and green is 2 parts connected at the end. The kit includes a “toothpick” for parsing the product, a small container for finished pieces.

To cut the product, it is placed on the lower (green) half, then cover the upper (white), where the knives are located in the form of a lattice with small cells. They are made of stainless steel. The result is even cubes of 6 * 6 mm, even if you work with soft foods, like tomatoes or boiled eggs. The blades do not touch the plastic base when cutting, so they do not blunt for a long time. The manufacturer has both an Alligator slicer and a vegetable cutter in a metal case.


  • 2925 rub


  • excellent quality (the device lasts 3-5 years without breakdowns and the need for sharpening);

  • saves time when preparing salads;
  • perfect result;
  • easy to wash;
  • Safe and easy to use.


  • high price.

2. IKEA Spritta

The vegetable cutter attracts with its bright stylish design - a boat made of green plastic, comfortable edge-handles on the sides. The slicer is designed for slicing apples, but you can use it for other products of a similar shape and size: onions, pears, potatoes. In consumer reviews, even mentioned is the work with cheeses (round - mozzarella, caccotta). Soft fruits and vegetables are not cut very carefully, because the knives do not have nicks.

The device will realize the most creative culinary ideas - due to the location of the blades, the round products after cutting take on the shape of an opened flower with a separated core. The diameter of the working area at the slicer is 10 cm, the height of the case is 6 cm. The kit comes with a bottom cover, which facilitates storage of the device. If there is no IKEA store in the city, the slicer can be ordered online.


  • 149 rub


  • Cheap

  • small;
  • looks pretty;
  • quality of materials;
  • easy to clean;
  • copes well with almost all vegetables and fruits.


  • not.

1. Bradex "Ekman"

This product of a well-known manufacturer of kitchen accessories is not just a vegetable cutter, but a whole set of useful appliances. Comes with a container, grater medium and small, holder for products. Replaceable nozzles are cut into slices and cubes (or straws). All parts are made of plastic, metal blades, stainless steel.

The container stands firmly on the table thanks to silicone foot inserts, even if you rub a very hard product with great strength. The volume of the container is small (1 l), and the dimensions are 11.5 * 27.5 * 8 cm, so that the finished cut will fit a little. It can also store nozzles. The device is suitable for working not only with soft foods, but also for chopping nuts and chocolate.


  • 1030 rub.


  • many useful tips in the kit;

  • safe - the holder for products protects hands from cuts;
  • strong plastic;
  • thinly slices.


  • the knives are not very sharp;

  • small container.

The best models of electric slicers

Such devices are often called multi-slicers, because they cope equally well with fruits, bread, sausages, and meat.

Regardless of the cost, they put a thin circular knife in these devices, so try not to cut frozen foods, fruits with a watery middle and seeds, in them.

5. Gorenje R606E

The best household slicer is available in a metal case with a minimum of plastic parts. Rubberized legs hold the device firmly on the countertop. Due to the materials used, the case is heavy - 5.8 kg. Power for the household appliance is excellent: 180 W, so the process is fast.

The table is inclined, all the crumbs and other "waste" that occurs when cutting, do not scatter around. The classic wave-shaped stainless steel knife is recessed into a niche. The thickness of the slices can be adjusted from 1 to 15 mm by moving the back wall. Included is a product holder. Cutting frozen meat is not recommended because the blade is thin, curving.


  • 4850 rub.


  • reliable case;

  • smooth neat slicing;
  • easy to clean;
  • smooth running of the moving part.


  • no choice of speeds;

  • it is difficult to remove the knife, there is no device for this in the kit.

4. Gemlux GL-MS-190

The compact slicer for slicing vegetables, meat, cheese and bread is available in a metal case with a nickel coating and visually repeats the more expensive device from Gorenje. The device looks like a professional, but has less power - 150 watts and can be used in the home kitchen or in small cafes. Applies to semi-automatic type machines - the unit with the product must be moved manually.

A round knife with a diameter of 19 cm in stainless steel is located at an angle to the working surface. The platform is also tilted for the convenience of the user. The device cuts the food with slices from 1 to 15 mm thick. The maximum product size for this device is 17 * 14 cm. The dynamic platform and knife are removable, they are easy to unfasten using a special "flag".


  • 3590 rub.


  • just take apart and wash;

  • strong silicone suction cups;
  • very sharp blade;
  • it is convenient to adjust the thickness of the slices;
  • high-quality metal.


  • the plastic block is fragile, breaks easily;

  • the knife requires periodic sharpening.

3. Ritter Markant 01

A convenient folding machine for slicing sausages and cheese of any density is also used for working with bread, hard vegetables: potatoes, bell peppers, onions. Rubber feet make the slicer stable and a plastic food compartment protects your hands from damage. The device is lightweight (1.7 kg), small, its dimensions are 26 * 21 * 35 cm.

The maximum slicing thickness is 14 mm, the adjustment is smooth. There are only 2 speeds to choose from, but with a low power of the device (65 W) this is enough. The round wave-shaped knife is made of stainless steel, easily removed from the niche and washed. The case is plastic, for its value made qualitatively. Continuous slicer can only work 5 minutes.


  • 3900 rub.


  • large selection of sliced ​​thickness;

  • easy to fold and get ready for work;
  • makes a moderate noise;
  • There is protection against accidental inclusion.


  • the part that controls the thickness of the cut is not securely locked in the selected position.

2. Clatronic MA 3585 silver

A Chinese-made slicer in a metal case with a plastic container for the product. The device stands firmly on any smooth surface thanks to silicone suction cups, almost does not vibrate during operation. The stainless steel knife with serrated edges has a diameter of 19 cm, can be easily removed by pressing the central element.

The choice of slice thickness from 0 to 15 mm is stepless - you move the regulator to any convenient position. The power of the device is average for home devices of this type - 150 W, there is no choice of operating speeds. The table is inclined, the motor housing is made of cast aluminum, which ensures its reliability. It is not necessary to wash the slicer: you can just walk on top with a damp cloth - all parts are easy to clean.


  • 5700 rub


  • strong knife, copes even with very hard products, does not bend;

  • thin and accurate slicing;
  • reliability.


  • heavy - 4.7 kg;

  • the products are poorly fixed in the dynamic compartment;
  • the platform slides hard due to wheel braking.

1. Ritter E16

The German device in a metal case in a classic format has an inclined desktop (angle - 45 degrees) and a plastic tray for finished products at the back. The device is suitable both for working at home and for use in restaurants. The dimensions are compact - 22.5 * 23 * 33.5 mm, the weight is also small (2.9 kg), so it is convenient to transfer the slicer.

The power of the device is 65 W, there is a choice of 2 speeds. This model differs from the majority of household slicers by the increased range of adjustment of slices thickness: the upper bar - 20 mm. The choice is made using the indicator. The remaining functions and properties are classic: there is protection against accidental switching on, a stainless steel knife with a wavy edge, but with a diameter less than the standard one - 17 cm. The device can work continuously up to 5 minutes.


  • 8199 rub.


  • when choosing the cutting thickness, the position of the parts is clearly fixed;

  • there is a tray for slices;
  • copes with solid products;
  • build quality;
  • There is a compartment for storing the power cable.


  • high price.

The best budget slicers

Inexpensive models often have a plastic case, so be careful when working with them - protect them from bumps, falls. Carefully evaluate the strength of the material when buying a slicer.

The remaining functions and characteristics of budget and expensive devices are almost the same today: even high power is often found in cheap slicers.


A small simple slicer for the home is made of white plastic. The dimensions of the device are 23 * 28 * 31 cm. The power is high for a budget device - 180 W, the products are cut quickly. The design is easily assembled and disassembled, quickly washed. The circular knife has serrations at the edges for more accurate cutting of soft foods. There is a food holder, but there is no area for storing finished pieces - you need to place a container behind the case.

On the front side there is a large gray mechanical indicator - a switch for selecting the speed of 3 options. At the top is a small one that moves a plastic part - a slice thickness adjuster. The maximum size is 15 mm. It has a device and protection against accidental switching on. It is attached to the countertop with silicone suction cups under the legs.


  • 3540 rub.


  • conveniently folds;

  • cuts smoothly;
  • easy to wash;
  • works fast.


  • when slicing bread, a lot of crumbs are obtained, which are clogged everywhere;

  • soft round products leave the holder after receiving the slice.

1. Bosch MAS 4201N

The slicer in a white plastic folding case has small dimensions: 33 * 25 * 20 cm, weight 1.56 kg. Average power - 100 watts, the operating mode is not selected. Rubberized legs are made below, so the device stands firmly on the countertop.

Stainless steel cutting disc with wave-shaped edges, removable. Slicer turns meat, cheese and bread into slices from 2 to 17 mm wide - there is a regulator for 3 modes. The kit contains a plastic carriage to protect your fingers, but there is no compartment for collecting cuts. It is not worth laying very soft products in the device, because they will clog in the gap between the body and the knife.


  • 2800 rub.


  • does not vibrate during operation;

  • metal quality;
  • compact sizes;
  • the blade remains sharp for a long time;
  • optimal cord length is 1.1 m.


  • too large run-up of slice width at the regulator (either very thin, or very thick);

  • plastic quality is average (limiters and guides are fragile).

Product comparison table


Power, WBody materialCutting thickness, mm


no data (manual slicer)plastic6*6

IKEA Spritta

there is no data

Bradex "Ekman"

Gorenje r606e

180metalup to 15

Gemlux GL-MS-190


Ritter Markant 01

65plasticuntil 14

Clatronic MA 3585 silver

150metalup to 15

Ritter e16

65up to 20

Clatronic AS 2958

180plasticup to 15

Bosch MAS 4201N


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