How to propagate girl's grapes - the best ways depending on the time of year with a description

This plant will be a wonderful decoration for the garden. With its help, you can decorate the walls of buildings, create a colorful hedge, decorate the balcony of an apartment building, realize many ideas of landscape design. To implement gardening plans, it is important to learn how to propagate wild or girlish grapes.

Cutting of girl's grapes

The most popular way of dividing the bush is to propagate girlish grapes with cuttings. This method is very simple and effective, you can root the workpiece for almost the entire season: from early spring to late autumn, until frost.

Even a novice can prepare cuttings. To do this, in the spring or early summer, they take last year’s lignified shoot from the bush, which is cut into chubuki with 3-4 knots - the cuttings are ready. Rooting of wild grapes is 100% without the use of root or other growth stimulants.

Cuttings can be harvested in late summer; by this period, side lashes begin to grow from the nodes of last year's shoot. As soon as their base begins to wood, you can get a chubuk from each node - such cuttings are called hammer-like.

There are several ways to root cuttings of girl's grapes:

  1. If you put the cuttings in the water, then in the near future they will take root. Such rooting is not recommended if it is possible to plant cuttings in the ground, because such roots are not adapted to function in the soil, therefore they die off, and new ones arise in their place.
  2. Cuttings are instilled at the rooting site immediately at a permanent habitat. Such plantings must be regularly watered and weeded, as This period is characterized by the slow growth of the vineyard. You can plant the cuttings on a separate bed, but in a year the parthenocissus will grow and intertwine. When transplanting, such roots and lashes will be difficult to parse.
  3. The most practical method of rooting is to plant each stalk in a separate pot or container, and keep it there for the first year of life. Each plant will need to be tied up, regularly watered. You can plant a plant in a permanent place a year later, from mid-spring to late summer. It is not necessary to cover or drip pots for the winter, because wild grapes are resistant to frost.


If girl grapes are already growing on your site, then it is convenient to propagate by layering. This method is suitable for summer residents who rarely come. To propagate the bush in this way, follow the recommendations:

  1. Without separating the lash from the plant, you need to lay it in a groove (pit) with loose earth.
  2. If the soil on the site is heavy or clay, then you can add peat, sand, humus to it. Developing roots will have something to grab.
  3. Sprinkle the shoot to the ground so that the leaves remain on the surface. Pour.
  4. Next year, you can separate the seedling from the mother bush. Its time to land in a permanent place. This can be done in summer or autumn. You can transplant a young bush in two years - then he will gain strength.


Parthenocissus fruits fall in the fall, and after a certain time, young sprouts grow from the sown seeds. In the absence of control, such thickets can very quickly turn the site into the jungle of girl's grapes. Summer residents use wild vineyard seeds to grow new young seedlings, but this takes significantly more time.

First you need to collect the fruits, separate the seeds from the pulp. The planting procedure can be done in autumn or spring. Seeds can be planted immediately after harvest, but the first seedlings will appear only in June. For spring sowing, seeds are recommended to be stratified. To do this, they need to be soaked in cold water for 2-6 hours. After that, wrap in a damp cloth, refrigerate for a week.

Stratification is carried out 1-2 months before the expected seeding date. From February to April, the seeds must be planted in a prepared container (as for seedlings of vegetables), to a depth of not more than 1 cm. In a month, seedlings will appear. During this period, it is important to provide the plants with a sufficient amount of light and regular watering. Wild grapes can be planted in the ground as soon as the sprouts are strong.