Wedding hairstyles for long hair for the bride, photo

Every girl on the day of the wedding wants to look great, so she carefully thinks about the image. To make it harmonious, you need to choose not only a dress, shoes, makeup, bouquet, but also a hairstyle. Owners of long hair decide on the styling option easier. When choosing, one must take into account the shape of the face, the general style of the image of the bride.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Choosing styling for such a solemn event as a wedding, you need to be as careful as possible. Unsuccessful wedding hairstyle for long hair can ruin the image. Properly selected will emphasize the beauty, tenderness and femininity of the bride. Bear in mind that styling must be reliable, because you will have to walk with it from early morning until late evening.

The first thing you need to focus on when choosing an image is the shape of the face. Rules:

  1. A circle. Such a face needs to be visually extended. Volumetric bundles, curls with a straight parting, combing, asymmetric styling and Greek will help to do this. Put on a tiara, but massive jewelry is best avoided.
  2. Oval. If a girl has such a face, then she is lucky because any hairstyle will go. Take a look at the options with loose long hair.
  3. Trapezoid (inverted heart). In this situation, it will be necessary to balance the cheekbones and jaw. Hairstyles with a pile or root corrugation, large curls covering the cheeks will help. Choose massive jewelry, hoops, flowers.
  4. Triangle (heart). Choose options with bangs, open ears. Part of the styling with the largest volume falls on the area of ​​the urine.

It is important to take into account both the shape and facial features when choosing a wedding hairstyle. Useful recommendations:

  1. If you have miniature features, then look at the styling with large curls. They are always in fashion and look at any length.
  2. Owners of large facial features should not choose lush wedding hairstyles with long hair. Smooth styling with decorative elements, accessories is appropriate. Place the jewelry so that it is not visible from the front or from the sides.
  3. If you have a low forehead, try styling with bangs. Make a pile on the top and asymmetric curls.
  4. If you have a massive nose, then choose images in which individual strands fall on the forehead, cheeks. This visually makes the face more proportional.

If you want to create a harmonious image, then take into account the style of the wedding dress. Tips on the outfit model:

  1. With a closed top. The hair gathered up will look spectacular. Better not wear a veil, replacing a hoop or a hat with a veil.
  2. Mermaid. Make curls that fall on your shoulders. Take the front locks away from the face and fasten on the back of the head. Curls or braid on one side will still look beautiful.
  3. With a train. Consider tall bridal hairstyles for long hair with tiaras. Better not wear a veil - it will overload the image.
  4. Lush. Choose voluminous styling so that your head does not seem too small. Lift your hair up or loose and curl your curls. Use large hairpins, lush veil.
  5. A short. Under the dress of such a fashionable style, simple styling will go. Make a bunch, curls, tail.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with bangs

The choice of styling is diverse. To understand which one to do, consider the type of bangs:

  1. Straight. Curls that are pinned on the sides or laid in the Greek style will do. Do not use many accessories.
  2. Slanting. Make curls selected on one side. Gather them up, leaving a couple of locks to frame your face.
  3. Elongated. It is better to turn such a bang into one or two curls in the face.

Make a French braid or braiding. With bangs look beautiful and gathered up, and loose hair. It is easier to choose a styling for girls with an oval face shape. If it is triangular, then it is better not to make a straight bang, but to choose an oblique and not short one. Do bouffant, braids, or pull the hair up. If the face is round, then select an elongated bang and lay it on its side or on both sides, and everything else needs to be lifted.

With gathered hair

Such styling looks elegant. It is preferable to choose them if a stormy celebration of the wedding is planned, because they are persistent and practical. Small curls will look effectively assembled. Add weaving elements. Wedding accessories are welcome. Tips for creating an image:

  1. If you have an elongated face, then a high lush styling is suitable.
  2. If you have a short neck, then try making a glamorous babette or shell.
  3. Chubby brides are suitable options for smooth collected styling.
  4. Owners of a long neck should do low wedding hairstyles for very long hair.

There are styling options that will suit almost everyone. Complementing them with wedding accessories, you will create amazing images. What to try:

  • a bunch;
  • french twist;
  • collected curls;
  • babette;
  • complex braids.

With fresh flowers and wreaths

Floral motifs in wedding images have always been popular. Flowers are a symbol of fragility and tenderness. They harmoniously fit into the images. When planning to use flowers or a wreath, take into account such features:

  1. If you have rare and thin long hair, then they will not withstand a heavy load. Weave one flower, but large and preferably weightless.
  2. Owners of lush, thick hair will suit small buds, sophisticated and modest. Large ones will look ridiculous.
  3. If you plan to use fresh flowers, then consult with a florist and ask them to pick up plants that are guaranteed to be fresh and not fade until late in the evening. As a rule, specialists treat the buds with special compounds, and the ends of the stems are sealed in special capsules with water.
  4. If you choose a wreath, then consider the general style of the image and the length of the hair. A small one will be appropriate if the strands are twisted upward, braided in braids or curled. Wear a large wreath if the hair is thick, long, loose on the back.
  5. If your face is round or square, then a flower headband should be worn closer to the forehead.

There are styling options on which plants will look advantageous. These include:

  1. Curls gathered at the back or on one side. Roses, alstromerias, freesias, orchids, lilies are suitable here.
  2. Greek braid. It is better to weave small buds into it.
  3. Volumetric weaving on the side. Spit can be French, Dutch, spikelet.
  4. A bunch or shell. On the one hand, you can attach a large flower or a composition of several small buds.

With veil

This wedding accessory used to be an integral part of the image of the bride, but now not everyone uses it. If you wear a veil, then when choosing a hairstyle, take into account such moments:

  1. With loose and slightly curled locks you will look touching. An openwork veil-cape will suit them.
  2. Combed or gathered up hair will look spectacular. These stylings are equally good for both single-layer and multi-layer veils.
  3. The length of the wedding accessory also matters. If you have a round face, then choose a short veil to the shoulders and a hairstyle with collected hair. If the outline is close to the square, then make a magnificent styling. It is advisable that the veil be short.
  4. If the cape on the head is two-layer, strict and concise styling will do. Under a multi-layer veil, it is better to make a magnificent hairstyle. Do not be afraid to use unusual jewelry.
  5. A long veil requires a restrained and elegant hairstyle. Weaving will be appropriate.
  6. If you have a bang, then a veil is better to attach closer to the back of the head.

Vintage wedding hairstyles for art nouveau wedding

More and more often, brides choose images in retrotematics. Vintage style symbolizes femininity and romance. Hairstyles with an abundance of large accessories are welcome: diadems, large brooches, feathers. It is better to replace the standard veil with an original small hat with a short veil-net to the chin. Vintage style for girls with petite facial features. The color of the strands does not have much significance, but it is desirable that they be obedient, of medium density.

There are a number of options that are especially popular among brides today. Vintage hairstyles that are now in trend:

  • smooth shiny Hollywood waves;
  • volumetric bundle at the nape with a lush bang;
  • babette;
  • high fleece;
  • hive;
  • Victory Rolls;
  • lower side rollers;
  • spiral curl on bangs.

In greek style

The main element of such hairstyles is soft curls. They can fall over the shoulders or be gathered on one side. For the Greek style, dressings and other original accessories are often used. Another characteristic feature is weaving, framing the face. Braids in hairstyles are common and are performed in the upper part of the head. Greek styling looks incredibly romantic and gentle. Most popular options:

  • the braids gathered below;
  • antique knot;
  • a high bunch with flowing curls;
  • weaving;
  • lampadion (especially for brunettes and fair-haired);
  • Apollo's bow;
  • curls collected by ribbon or flowers;
  • a one-sided French braid that frames the head like a wreath.

Greek hairstyles have special features that distinguish them from other options. Here are the key points inherent in them:

  1. Be sure to have curled curls.
  2. Weaving elements are welcome.
  3. A variety of accessories are used, especially dressings and ribbons.
  4. The strands must be fully or partially collected.
  5. Greek style is more suitable for brides with massive features of a square, rectangular shape. Hair should be thick, strong. Complex colors in several shades will fit well into Greek images.

With curls and curls

Curly long hair gives its owners problems in care, but from them beautiful hairstyles are obtained. Natural curls - this is almost ready styling. Do not be afraid that some strands will accidentally break out, because this gives additional romance and airiness. If you have long straight hair, curl it with tongs. Curls can be left freely falling, combed to the side or collected from behind with a hairpin. Features:

  1. Asymmetrically laid curls will look cute in combination with a dress with a frank neckline or open shoulders. This is a good option for owners of an oval-shaped face.
  2. Laying "French Falls" is suitable for blondes, make the image elegant, delicate, airy.
  3. You can collect part of the curls, and leave a few on the face. This option looks romantic.
  4. Do not be afraid to use accessories. Curls can be decorated with hairpins, a rim, fresh flowers, a diadem.

With weaves and braids

Now these elements can be found in almost every wedding hairstyle, although they began to be added recently. The weaves hold their shape well, which is important because styling must be maintained for a long time. The braid can be decorated with flowers, beads, rhinestones. Even the simplest weaving such accessories will make unique. Weaving can be both the main element of the hairstyle, and an integral part. Recommendations for choosing taking into account the shape of the face:

  1. A circle. Choose styling options where vertical lines predominate, best tall. Pull out a few locks to cover your cheeks.
  2. Rectangle. Suitable compositions, softening features, with smoothly rounded waves, curls. Discard straight lines. Choose weaving where the bulk of the hair is concentrated in the ear area. A pigtail-roller will do.
  3. Triangle. To smooth the difference between a narrow chin and wide cheekbones, combine different types of weaving.
  4. A circle. An ideal option is a French braid framing a face. Volumetric weaving will also look good.
  5. Oval. You can choose any braids.

There are several options for long hair, which are most popular among brides. Examples:

  • side braids in different execution techniques;
  • weaving with artificial or natural flowers;
  • zigzag or wide snake;
  • several braids intertwined with a mesh or other pattern;
  • waterfall;
  • loose braid on the back or side;
  • a bunch decorated with pigtails;
  • wreath from weaving.

With diadem

Many brides prefer wedding hairstyles with crowns adorned with precious stones, such as diamonds or pearls. The diadem helps the girl feel like a princess. As a rule, a diadem is combined with curls and a magnificent dress. Recommendations for hairdressers to create an image:

  1. The more elaborate your hairstyle, the more modest the diadem should be and vice versa. One thing should come to the fore.
  2. If you use a tiara of gold, do not go too far with the rest of the jewelry. In style, they should absolutely coincide with the main accessory.
  3. With a diadem, loose large curls, a volume braid on the side, a malvina, low volume bundles, a shell will look most beautiful.
  4. Don’t wear a tiara if you have a heart or rectangle shape. The diadem will suit other contours if it is chosen correctly.
  5. If the dress is classic white, then choose silver jewelry, and if cream, then golden.

With long flowing hair

Such hairstyles look feminine, make the bride a stunning beauty. It is worth noting that loose hair should be in perfect condition, so shortly before the wedding, take a health course to restore the strands along the entire length. The most winning styling options:

  1. With straight hair. The strands need only a little hair dryer. Hairstyle suitable for owners of thick hair. They need to be treated with a special shine. Straight loose locks are suitable for creating an elegant look. The option can be chosen for girls with an oval, square face.
  2. With chaotic curls. Curls look cute, especially on brides with a heart-shaped face. You can curl them on large or small tongs, curlers. Take care of the stability of the installation, use the maximum fixation. Complete the image with decorations, flowers.
  3. With weaving. The braids that open the face will harmoniously complement the image with loose hair. Suitable for any face shape.

Photo of wedding hairstyles for long hair

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