Modern in the interior of the apartment

Art Nouveau style appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century: then this word called everything new, unusual. For a hundred years, the style has become a classic, and more and more people choose it when decorating an apartment or a country house. Modern technology has led to the fact that everyone can afford the elements of Art Nouveau in the interior.

What is modern in the interior

The name modern means modern. This kind of design is associated with natural materials, rounded lines, floral motifs, and natural colors. Art Nouveau in the design of apartments does not tolerate gross details, modern technological materials. Paper wallpapers are replaced with wood panels, plaster or paint, and accessories are selected in the general style with the entire design of the room.

Style story

Art Nouveau style originated at the end of the XIX century, when the chaotic eclecticism of European interiors was at the peak of popularity. The emergence of this trend was a natural phenomenon after a heap of already tired of classical styles, although at first this design was perceived as bad taste. The lovers of Art Nouveau in the interior then were mostly extraordinary, creative personalities. At the peak of popularity, the style lasted only until the First World War, which was due to the high price of manufacturing furniture and other decorative elements.


Features of Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau, like any style, has a number of features, compliance with which is necessary for the harmonious embodiment of design. It is characterized by the following differences:

  1. Wood and stone elements. Wood is used to finish the floor and ceiling, door and window openings, lamps and furniture. The most popular materials are structured beech, oak, which do not tolerate dull painting and hiding fibers. The stone is used as a decorative element for flooring or wall covering.
  2. Features of the forms. Art Nouveau strives for asymmetry, a smooth flow of outlines.
  3. Rounded lines without clear angles imitating plant elements.
  4. Orientation towards naturalness, naturalness, naturalness. At the dawn of becoming a style, Art Nouveau sought to depict lilies, butterflies, dragonflies.
  5. Stained-glass windows for decoration of any details, from windows to lamps. The theme of the picture on the stained-glass window should be in tune with the general mood and orientation of the room. For drawings, choose stems, petals, flowers, abstraction.
  6. Rectangular or arched doors. Often choose double-wing wide doors, sometimes use decorative stained-glass windows. For style, windows are required on the side or top, creating the illusion of open space.
  7. If there are stairs or steps, then they are decorated with shod and openwork railings.

The name of this style is often confused with the concept of modernism, although they have important differences. The style of modernism in the interior implies minimalism in the entire interior as a whole, when, as a modernist, he relies on minimalism only after orientation to naturalness and naturalness. Modernism in the interior in a modern room goes well with the modern in detail.

Art Nouveau has two design varieties - constructive and decorative. The first mainly characterizes Austrian architecture. The main features of constructive modern:

  • deliberate functionality;
  • lack of s-shaped lines;
  • the predominance of plant elements and ornaments in the decor.

The decorative direction more often characterizes the style of France, Latvia, Belgium. The differences of this variety of Art Nouveau from the previous are:

  • massive sculpting;
  • smooth lines;
  • carved elements;
  • forged products.

Art Nouveau interior

The Art Nouveau style in the interior is primarily functional, so the form is of secondary importance compared to the purpose of the interior. From finishing materials choose wood, glass, metal. Textiles are an important part of interior design, while modern means the use of fabrics only in limited quantities in the form of curtains, upholstery, pillows.

The color palette is soft and calm, the most popular shades are sand, pearl, cream, peach, cream. Thanks to these colors, a feeling of unlimited space is created and the smoothness of the lines of the furniture is emphasized. Color accents are also possible - arrange them in red, yellow, bright pink colors. The walls are decorated without any texture and paper wallpaper, using wooden panels for decoration.


Art Nouveau room

Room decoration begins with the interior decoration. Inspired by natural motifs, such an interior should not be piled up with symmetrical elements, bright colors. The floor in any room is not the main accent, so it is often decorated with a light laminate or parquet. Regardless of the type of room, all accessories should not be flashy.



As in other living rooms, the walls in the bedroom should not be wallpapered, but can be painted or plastered. The ideal floor finish is a plain laminate or linoleum. Choose a rug and a large rug; you can even cover the floor with stone or ceramics. The main accent in the Art Nouveau bedroom will be a large bed with a luxurious wooden headboard. To it you can pick up an elegant bedside table and a coffee table with soft lines.

For the closet it is better to choose a separate corner or pay attention to the closet. Stained glass doors will be an excellent decor. All accessories should harmonize in color with the general mood of the room. At the same time, bedding, pillows, curtains and other decorative elements must be designed in the spirit of minimalism in order to softly combine with the interior. Blinds or Roman curtains do not fit into the modernist bedroom, and the lighting should be very soft and subdued.



The kitchen must be spacious. In a small room, such a design is more difficult to achieve, but it is real: you can use decorative elements in the Art Nouveau style. The walls of the kitchen are painted with a muffled, dull, monophonic color. It’s not worth wallpapering or paneling, but medium-sized ceramic tiles will fit perfectly. The color of the tiles should match the shade of the walls, it is better to refuse bright patterns.

Kitchen furniture fits into the walls and has a geometric shape. The choice of color and shape of the table depends on the desire of the owners - it can merge with the floor or be a bright accent. Chairs are chosen soft, with bright floral ornaments on the upholstery. From the additional decor, you should pay attention to long, heavy curtains, ornate vases, flowers, stylized dishes and kitchen utensils.


Living room

Choose the color of the walls in accordance with the general style of the room. An alternative to ordinary paper wallpaper will be liquid plain or with a translucent pattern. Plastic, plaster are knocked out of the general style of the modernist interior of the living room, so it is better to abandon them. On a parquet or laminate floor, natural shades are decorated with one or more rectangular carpets. Carpet, linoleum and ceramics in the modernist living room are not combined with the general interior.

A small amount of furniture is a great option for a stylish living room. The soft zone is made of wooden elements of predominantly dark color. The frame of all the elements of upholstered furniture is one-color, the sets are made up of one sofa and a pair of suitable armchairs. The color of all upholstered furniture is combined with the overall decoration, pillowcases on decorative pillows or unusual lamps serve as bright accents. Near the headset you can put a low table matching the color of the frame.



Art Nouveau in interior design does not bypass the bathroom. The walls are painted in a plain color, plastered or decorated with ceramic tiles. For a modernist interior, a mosaic composition is suitable. The general background of the room and all decorative elements should not differ greatly from each other in color. The bathroom floor can be tiled in neutral colors.

When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to items from the same collection, matched by tone to the floor. Of furniture, a modernist bathroom requires a cabinet, dressing table and a suitable chair. Individual elements of plumbing have glass or metal fittings. All furniture and plumbing should have soft, smooth forms, possibly handles with floral ornaments.


Modern Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau in the current interpretation should not be taken literally, Scandinavian Art Nouveau in the interior is becoming less popular. Often, individual elements are used in decorating a room, for example, mirrors (suitable models can be found at AVA), lamps (suitable chandeliers are presented by the Russian manufacturer Svet Center), which will be supported by wooden floors, soft lines in furniture and plain wall decoration.

The easiest way is to complement the interior with textiles - curtains on the windows, carpets, pillows, which are widely represented on the market. The design of an Art Nouveau apartment is not necessarily costly. The choice of furniture during the repair depends on the estimated budget. If it is wide, then upholstered or cabinet furniture with a modernist style can be viewed in modern and antique stores. With a limited budget, they choose affordable furniture stores (in online catalogs you can see photos of products by Hoff, Antares, Moscow Furniture House).


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