DIY window adjustment for the winter

Plastic window structures of different companies have similar adjustments. When installing them, the average values ​​of the density of the clamp are set. Over time, under the influence of wear or other factors, the sash may sag and begin to cling to the frame or impost. When the temperature drops, cold air from the street can begin to penetrate the room. In all these cases, you need to adjust the windows, which you can do yourself if you know how to adjust the plastic windows for the winter by switching the clip settings from summer to winter.

What tools are needed to adjust the plastic window

Plastic window systems have become the most popular product that is installed during the construction or repair of both a simple apartment and a chic multi-storey mansion. For all the variety of window fittings used to create them, all systems use similar mechanisms. Preparation of plastic windows for winter begins with the first cooling. The main tools that you may need to adjust windows are:

  • 4mm hexagon wrench;
  • flat screwdriver 4 mm;
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • pliers.

How to put windows in winter mode

In order to prepare eurowindows for the winter period, seasonal adjustment of the pressing of plastic windows is necessary, in which the following steps must be carried out:

  1. Adjust the opening sash vertically and horizontally - it should not cling to the frame and pressure bars.
  2. Adjust the clamping force to the frame. The clamp is adjusted using adjustable trunnions or eccentrics, the number of which on euro-windows is 4-5 pcs., On the doors - 6-8 pcs.
  3. If there is traction with maximum pressure on the frame, the seal must be replaced. Then check the traction in the middle position of the pins or eccentrics.

Trunnion adjustment on plastic windows for winter

The clip to the frame is based on the engagement by the rounded elements of the sash of the clamping strips when the handle is turned down. These rounded elements, made in the form of an oval, are called trunnions, and made in the form of a round element with a displaced axis of rotation - eccentrics. The rotation of the trunnions is made with pliers. Their installation vertically creates a minimum pressure, which means the summer mode of pressing, horizontally - the maximum strong pressure. By turning the eccentric with the adjusting hexagon, you can adjust the clamp from weak to stronger and vice versa.

Seal replacement

The need to replace the rubber seal can be determined by inspecting and checking the traction. You can change it in parts - while you save money. Going to buy a seal, you should take a sample with you and buy a longer piece. It’s better to cut off excess when sticking than to leave a gap. Buy a sealant from quality rubber. It will be necessary to buy special glue for him. Before inserting the sealant into the groove, apply glue over the entire area of ​​contact with the sealant, glue it, close the euro-window for the period of drying of the glue.

Methods and scheme for adjusting plastic windows

Adjustment of windows and adjustment is made in case of large gaps or when it clings to the frame. It is necessary to adjust the opening sash vertically and horizontally in the following cases:

  • if it catches the upper part of the frame - open the sash and with the short side of the L-shaped key extend it slightly on the upper canopy;
  • if, due to sagging, the leaf catches the lower part of the frame, the same thing must be done with the lower canopy;
  • if it catches the vertical part of the frame or the impost (middle vertical part of the frame), it is necessary to slightly push it on both canopies to the opposite side of such a contact with the short side of the L-shaped key.

How to adjust the plastic windows yourself

Adjustment of windows can be done independently with the necessary tools. The only parts that may break and require replacement are the handle and sealing rubber. Adjustment of a clip of a window transfers to the winter mode. At the same time, the handle rotates with effort, the sash strongly presses against the frame, and strongly compresses the seal. In the spring, it will be necessary to loosen the clamp, since opening for ventilation often occurs, which can lead to severe wear of the closing mechanism and seal.

Window sash clip

To switch to winter mode, you must do the following steps:

  1. Check for traction in or out around the perimeter with a lit match - even a small breeze will deflect the flame.
  2. If traction is present, it is necessary to open the sash and adjust the locking trunnions (eccentrics).
  3. The trunnions are of 3 types - oval, round with a slot for a screwdriver or a hexagon.
  4. If the oval trunnions are located vertically, and the eccentrics are shifted towards the frame, it is necessary to turn them into the middle position with the appropriate tool to increase the clamping force.
  5. Then again it is necessary to check the draft, if it remains - switch the trunnions (eccentrics) to winter mode. To do this, rotate the oval trunnions to a horizontal position, and move the eccentrics completely away from the street.
  6. If after checking the traction remains - you need to replace the seal.
  7. After replacing the seal, check the draft when adjusting the pins or eccentrics in the middle position.

How to tighten the hinges on plastic windows

The upper loop is adjusted using the L-shaped hexagon. On the upper loop there is one horizontal displacement of the upper bar. The offset adjustment process is performed with the window open with the short side of the hexagon in the adjustment hole, which is located at the end of the sash. The displacement range of the upper part is in the range from -2 to +3 mm. Turn the screw a part of a turn with a key and check the ease of closing.

The lower loop is adjusted with the same tool. The difference is that on the lower hinge, in addition to shifting the lower bar horizontally, there is a screw for shifting the entire sash vertically. Horizontal displacement is performed in a manner analogous to the upper loop. Vertical displacement is carried out with a half-open window, for which you need to insert the long side of the hexagon vertically from top to bottom in the canopy opening with the decorative cover removed. Such a change is possible in the range from -2 to +2 mm.

Setting up plastic windows for shrinkage at home

A strong displacement of the load-bearing building elements as a result of the shrinkage of the new building can cause a strong departure of the sash from the frame, requiring the reinstallation of the plastic window. If the opening is very skewed, you will have to level it or order a new euro-window. By adjusting the opening and clamping mechanisms internally, you can adjust the horizontal or vertical displacement within 2-3 mm. To do this, you need a standard set of tools:

  • special hexagon wrench 4 mm wide;
  • 4 mm screwdriver;
  • pliers.

How to set the horizontal and vertical axis

To align the sash horizontally or vertically, you need to adjust the plastic window in the awnings. Alignment in the horizontal plane is carried out by end adjustments on the upper and lower canopy with the window fully open. The hex key is inserted with the short side into the hole. When the key is rotated clockwise, the sash is attracted to the canopy, counterclockwise to the impost. The maximum adjustment range is from -2 to +2 mm.

You can adjust the displacement in the vertical position on the lower canopy in cases where the sash touches the frame or to change the size of the gaps. This will require a hex key. It is necessary to open the cap on the canopy, insert the Allen key with the long end down into the upper hole. By rotating the bolt clockwise, the sash can be raised, counterclockwise - lower. The maximum height adjustment range is from -2 to +2 mm.

What to do if the plastic window does not close

The sash fitted in the gaps above, below and on the sides may not close in two cases. The first is related to the breakdown of the handle, the second to the malfunctioning of one of the trunnion-clamp pairs. To check, you need to open the window and, having pressed the double-open lock with your left hand, turn the handle down. If she turned to the extreme position, it means the problem of closing in one of the axle-clamp pairs. You can determine which pair does not work, in turn, by unscrewing the clamping bars with a Phillips screwdriver.


How to adjust the handle on a plastic window

The device, diagrams and photos of the location of the fittings, adjusting bolts, moving parts of the euro-window, troubleshooting methods and prices can be found on the Internet on sites on this subject. Handle adjustment consists in its correct installation according to the given list. The opening handle has four positions:

  • down - closed;
  • to the side - openly;
  • up - airing mode;
  • in the middle position between the upper and lateral - partial ventilation.

Replacing the defective

If you have a broken handle, you must:

  • slightly pull the top and bottom of the protective plate on the handle and turn it horizontally;
  • unscrew the upper and lower screws (or screws) of the fastener, located perpendicular to the plane of the leaf;
  • insert a new handle in the same position in which the faulty one was removed;
  • fasten it with two screws (or screws);
  • return the protective plate to its original position.

Tightening the bolts of the staggering handle

If the handle on the window or balcony is loose, you must:

  • slightly pull the top and bottom of the protective plate on the handle and turn it horizontally;
  • tighten the handle with a screwdriver;
  • return the protective plate to its original position.

Cleaning mechanism when seized or poorly closed

All elements of the canopy and closing the sash are outside the structure. The main actions for contamination of the elements of this mechanism are its cleaning and lubrication. If the window does not open for a long time, remove dried up dirt or rust with the help of a cylinder of universal penetrating lubricant VD-40. After cleaning, washing, it is necessary to lubricate the fittings, make its adjustment.

Eccentric adjustment at the end of the sash

Eccentrics are circular elements that engage with the pressure bars. The axis of their fastening is shifted relative to the center of the circle, therefore, during rotation, the distance from the axis to the point of contact with the clamping bar changes. As this distance increases, the sash pressure on the frame increases. The eccentrics are rotated using a hex wrench or screwdriver. The magnitude of the change in pressure varies from 2 to 5 mm, depending on the design of the eccentric. It is necessary to adjust the pressure force twice a year when switching from summer to winter mode and vice versa.

What to do if the window handle is jammed

Among possible breakdowns of the locking mechanism, jamming of the handle may occur. At the same time, putting great efforts on the handle to open it is not necessary - you must protect the hardware to extend the life of the device. Jamming is possible in three situations - the window is open for ventilation, is open or closed. If the handle wedges in the first two cases, it is possible to skew when opening or to trigger a special lock. If the sash is hanging on one lower hinge, the following operations must be done:

  • turn the knob up;
  • pressing the upper loop to the frame, set the handle to the right;
  • close the window and turn the handle down;
  • pressing the sash against the frame, gently turn the handle up and open to ventilate.

The operation of the rotation lock can occur as a result of a sharp turn of the handle at a large angle when opening. The lock is released by pressing the unlocking button or by turning the corresponding lever. Its location can be found on the website of the company that develops your hardware. If you have difficulty opening, try pushing the sash firmly against the frame and turning the handle.

Tight turning or jamming of the handle with the window closed is possible with shrinkage and strong (more than 2-3 mm) subsidence of the window or doorway. This is an extremely rare and complex case, which can lead to a bevel of the frame or a breakdown of the mechanism. Without specialists in the construction company or installers, this problem cannot be solved by simple adjustments. Jamming is possible due to lack of lubrication of the shutter mechanism. To prevent this and increase the life of the service, it is advisable to perform maintenance once or twice a year.

How much does Euro-window adjustment cost in Moscow

Plastic windows are repaired and adjusted by many firms in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other Russian cities that know how to adjust PVC windows and can supply new parts. The prices for such services vary by region, they depend on the brand of the hardware manufacturer. Departure of the master for technical inspection and budgeting in Moscow will be from 500 to 1000 rubles. The minimum cost of an order in Moscow is from 2000 to 3000 rubles. The cost of the main work is indicated in the table:


unit of measurement

Cost, rubles

Hardware settings (without removing)



Door setting (without removal)



Adjustment, repair, partial overhaul of the mechanism (without replacement of accessories)



Adjustment, repair, partial overhaul of door hardware (without replacement)


1 900

Reinstalling the double-glazed window when adjusting



Reinstalling the double-glazed door (the price of the double-glazed window is not included)


1 250

Cleaning, lubricating accessories



Seal replacement (seal price not included)

pog. m


Replacing a complete set of swivel fittings


3 700

Pen white / color


500 / 700

Main constipation swivel / tilt / turn


2 100 / 2 300



1 800

Door closer


4 700

Installing an impost

pog. m


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