Target loan under maternity capital: terms of use

After creating a family, the couple dream of their own apartment, but often their income does not allow them to save on real estate. Having a baby increases the pressure on the family budget. To support young families, the Government of the Russian Federation has developed programs that provide financial assistance. You can significantly reduce the cost of credit, if you take in the bank for the purchase of housing targeted loan for maternity capital.

What is a target loan under maternity capital

According to the legislation, matkapital is issued to provide financial assistance to young families with a second child. In 2019, its size is 453,026 rubles, indexation is carried out annually. Parents can use the funds to:

  • housing improvements;
  • payment for children's education;
  • the formation of the funded part of the mother’s pension.

To control the use of money, the issuance of a certificate of matkapital is provided. Parents of the second child can receive it after applying to the FIU with a statement. You can use maternity capital for the purpose prescribed by law. For this reason, the provision of a loan is possible, but with the condition of the intended use of the capital - credit funds should be directed to improving housing conditions.

The difference between a loan and a target loan

In practice, the financial meaning of the word loan is different from the word loan. Features of borrowing and its differences from lending are given in the table:



Issued by the bank

Microfinance organizations, credit cooperatives, private individuals can act as lenders.

The subject of lending is money

The subject of borrowing is money and things.

A loan agreement is concluded in writing only.

Ways to conclude a contract include oral and written form

The contract shall enter into force upon agreement (signing)

The contract is considered concluded upon the transfer of money or things

The terms of the contract provide for the maturity of the debt

The term for repayment of the debt can be determined, but in case of its absence, the debt must be repaid within 30 days after receiving such a request

Mandatory interest payments for loan funds

There may be no charge for using borrowed funds

First, according to the law, obtaining a target loan for maternity capital was possible at banks and other lending institutions - MFIs and credit cooperatives. Since 2015, only banks have the right to issue credit money using state certificates. It is believed that from now on you can get no longer a loan, but a targeted loan for maternity capital. Such changes are explained by a large number of abuses in non-banking institutions, the allocation of funds for cashing out, as they do not provide for strict monitoring of reporting.

What can I spend a loan on maternity capital

Disposal of maternity capital is possible only with the consent of the Pension Fund. If you want to use the family certificate for home repair, you should not rely on the approval of the application from the FIU in this situation, because you can only take out a loan against maternity capital to improve housing conditions, which involves:

  • purchase of an apartment in the primary or secondary market;
  • expansion, reconstruction of existing housing;
  • purchase of finished or construction of housing.

The owners of the state certificate must take into account the important features of the target loan for maternity capital:

  1. The legislation provides for the possibility of drawing up a bank loan agreement not only for the mother, but also for the father or adoptive parent of the child.
  2. A loan is issued to parents under maternity capital for the purchase of housing, subject to registration of the child's share in residential real estate.
  3. It is possible to use the funds of the matkapital when registering targeted mortgage lending before the child reaches the age of 3 years.

Sometimes credit funds for the purchase of housing are issued to parents - certificate holders even without a mortgage. This is possible when a cash allocation is provided equal to the size of the balance of the capital. The condition for such a loan is the intended use of money. In this case, you do not need to draw up a deposit - it serves as security for the down payment. The advantage is that you can reduce your costs even with increased interest. With such loans, in order to get a loan, you do not need to make an expert assessment of the acquired property.

Mortgage down payment

According to the law, it is possible to use matcapital for full or partial payment of the down payment. This is beneficial to the borrower. With the help of a family certificate, you can increase the down payment and arrange a mortgage with a lower interest rate. In this case, it is important that the FIU transfer money to the bank account on time.

Repayment of interest and body mortgages

You can direct the capital to reduce debt on the loan and pay monthly interest accrued on it. You cannot use funds to pay fines and penalties. The borrower can use the family certificate to repay mortgages that were issued earlier, even before the birth of the second child. In this case, it is necessary to register the share of all family members in the credited property.

To build a house

You can get a targeted housing loan under maternity capital not only for the purchase of finished housing, but also for the purpose of acquiring an apartment with participation in shared construction. The FIU may agree to transfer money for the construction of a house or its reconstruction. In this case, paperwork is possible only after the child is 3 years old, and the procedure for approving and transferring money will last longer. It is necessary to convince the PF that the funds will be used for their intended purpose, and it will be convenient for children to live in the built house.

Is it possible to get cash under maternity capital in cash

The state controls the use of the family certificate. You can trace the movement of money only in case of their transfer. Do not rely on the possibility of cashing certificates - such actions are not legal. The decision to transfer funds is made by the FIU and is engaged in its transfer. So the state is trying to protect certificate holders from rash spending of finances intended for their child. Some MFIs in Moscow offer to cash out capital funds, but such services are illegal.

Maternity loan in Sberbank

Make out a loan with targeted use of matkapital in Sberbank. Under the terms of the loan agreement of a financial institution, you can send funds to pay the full amount or part of the initial payment. Young parents can take out a targeted loan under maternity capital in two programs:

  • Acquisition of finished housing - for the purchase of real estate in the secondary market;
  • Acquisition of housing under construction - to purchase housing from the developer.

Borrower Requirements

Sberbank provides mortgage loans with targeted use of matcapital to employed, solvent individuals. The possibility of attracting 3 co-borrowers is allowed, while the second spouse always acts as a co-borrower. Loan agreements are executed:

  • Russian citizens;
  • over 21 years old and under 75 years old;
  • if there is more than 6 months of work experience at the last workplace and a total of not less than a year.

Lending terms

Sberbank gives a mortgage loan for home insurance and pledging it to the bank. When buying an apartment from the developer and applying for a mortgage for 7 years, lending is carried out with partial compensation by the seller of interest on the loan. The borrower receives preferential 7.5%. The basic interest rate decreases by 0.1% for electronic registration of the transaction and increases by 1% when refusing personal insurance, by 0.5% for customers who do not have an account with Sberbank for payments. The conditions for the provision of mortgage loans with the use of capital are shown in the table:

Lending terms

Purchase of finished housing

Buying an apartment from the developer




Down payment amount



Credit amount

From 300,000 rubles to 85% of the appraised value of housing

From 300,000 rubles to 85% of the contract price of the apartment

Loan term (years)



Base interest rate



Other conditions

Real estate is issued for all family members

Mandatory registration of an apartment for children

Mortgage loan for maternity capital in Russian Agricultural Bank

When registering a mortgage at Rosselkhozbank, you can send the capital to repay the loan debt. The transfer of funds must be completed within 3 months from the date of signing the mortgage agreement. A plus for borrowers is that certificate holders get the opportunity not to make a down payment if the size of the capital exceeds 10% of the cost of purchased finished housing or 20% of the cost of construction. Mortgage for purchase is executed:

  • housing in the primary market;
  • real estate in the secondary market.

On what conditions is a loan issued?

When issuing loans, no commission is charged, but insurance and pledge of the purchased property are required. The interest rate is reduced by 0.25%:

  • public sector employees;
  • payroll clients;
  • borrowers with impeccable credit history;
  • young families with one of the spouses under the age of 35.

The conditions for issuing loans at the Agricultural Bank are shown in the table:

Lending terms

Primary housing

Apartment in a new building




Credit amount



Loan term (years)



Interest rate



Down payment amount

0 or 20%

0 or 15%

Additional terms

The share of the child in real estate is drawn up

The share of the child in real estate

Who can get a housing loan

To apply for a mortgage at the Rosselkhozbank can employed citizens or leading personal subsidiary plots with records in the household book for at least 12 months. Get a target loan can:

  • citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • at the age of 21 to 65 years;
  • if there is at least 6 months of work experience at the current place of employment and a total of 1 year in the last 5 years (does not apply to persons leading private household plots).

The procedure for obtaining a loan under maternity capital

Banks issue loans to solvent citizens. People with a good credit history and high salary can get a target loan under maternity capital. It is necessary that the monthly mortgage payments do not exceed 50% of the borrower's income. You can increase the chance of approving a target loan by attracting co-borrowers and providing certificates of their income.

You can reduce your expenses if you use the state program for lending to young families. It provides financial assistance for the purchase of housing for spouses, each of whom is under 35 years old. Under such programs, in addition to using the funds of the capital, you can get money from the state budget for the down payment, partial repayment of the debt or to reduce interest on the mortgage.

The process of obtaining a loan with the intended use of the capital is long and includes the following steps:

  1. Applying to the Pension Fund with a statement of intent to use the capital. Only the PF can agree to transfer money on a mortgage.
  2. Choosing a bank to apply for a loan and applying.
  3. After obtaining approval of the target loan, you can search for real estate.
  4. Submission of documents to the bank for the acquired property.
  5. Coordination with the bank of the terms of the target loan agreement.
  6. Making a down payment, execution of a purchase and sale transaction, real estate insurance, signing a mortgage agreement and notarization of a mortgage.

What documents are needed

The following documents must be submitted to the Pension Fund for consideration:

  • state certificate;
  • the passport;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • birth certificate of a child.

After the approval of the application by the FIU and the choice of a bank for lending, an application for a mortgage and a package of documents are submitted to a financial institution:

  • the passport;
  • income statement;
  • the second document from the list, if there is no proof of income.

After the approval of the target loan, the borrower provides the bank with the following documents:

  • on the credited property;
  • state certificate;
  • a certificate from the Pension Fund on the balance of the funds of the capital.

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